Bentley's next model to debut "Most advanced seat ever"

The seats offer 24 billion unique configurations of trim specifications.

Bentley is all set to add a fifth model to its lineup. The new Bentley offering will debut on May 10, 2022. Ahead of its unveiling, the luxury carmaker has revealed that the new model will debut an option called Airline Seat Specification.

As the name suggests, customers who purchase the option will receive individual seats at the back, inspired by Business-class and First-class sections on a passenger plane. The seats themselves offer an unimaginable 24 billion unique configuration of trim specifications, making it the "Most advanced seat ever" to be fitted in a car. Some of these include a 22-way seat adjust, auto climate sensing system and advanced postural adjustment tech with 177 individual pressure changes across six zones.

The option will also come with Bentley Diamond Illumination, which emits light through small perforations on the leather-trimmed door panels. This includes 12 LEDs on the front doors & 22 LEDs on each of the rear doors.

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