BMW experimenting with AI tech to design cars

BMW has no intention of letting AI take full charge.

According to media reports, BMW design head Adrian van Hooydonk has stated that the company is experimenting with AI tech in its design process.

Hooydonk confirmed that AI has already been used in various design tasks. He further went on to explain that the tech generates ideas based on the parameters set by an individual. The AI tech uses parameters set like a 5-spoke wheel, should weigh less than a certain amount and be on a 20-inch rim and lets the computer generate designs.

Having said that, BMW has no intention of letting AI take full charge. Hooydonk added that there will always be a human (art director) to guide the process and pick the designs generated. He stated that while AI can't invent things, it can combine the parameters set to come up with ideas much quicker.

However, he also stated that the tech can't be relied on entirely, as it takes images and sketches available online to generate something new; resulting in a design which feels like something one has already seen.

Adrian van Hooydonk recently also confirmed that BMW is already working on future models to offer a cleaner design.

Source: Top Gear

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