Booked a Toyota Fortuner but now tempted by more premium luxury SUVs

I am looking at cars like the BMW X3, Jaguar F-Pace and Land Rover Discovery Sport.

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I have been considering a Toyota Fortuner (4X4 AT Black color) for a while, made the booking in February, but now, I am tempted to upgrade to a luxury SUV.

Needless to say, I live to drive. The first vehicle I took for a TD was the X3 330i and boy it amazes you! It keeps pulling and pulling, holding on to the road like a clingy girlfriend. The Brooklyn grey colour was the initial choice, but it supposedly will be a hindrance when I try to resell (I don't plan to keep it beyond the warranty period) it in a market like Allahabad, as people here tend to go for regular colors like white, black & silver more often.

Now, I am also tempted by the Jaguar F-pace (for the gorgeous looks) and Land Rover Discovery Sport (for the imposing presence, and the car looking bigger than it actually is), although I haven't been able to TD either since the cars are not available for TD at the dealer in Lucknow, imagine.

Not considering any used car options, any other suggestions are more than welcome.

So need advice on the following points-

  • Can anyone suggest how F-pace and Discovery Sport compare to X3 in terms of driving, reliability, build quality, etc. If anyone has driven any of these cars please share your driving experience.
  • Beemers being famous for their fun-to-drive quotient, are looking like a more attractive option. In case I do decide to go for X3, do you think Diesel makes more sense than Petrol in a city like Prayagraj/Allahabad where we do not have the 10-year rule? Diesel has 190 bhp & 400 Nm, while petrol has 252 bhp & 350 Nm. In the real world what would be more beneficial- more torque or more power? Would there be a considerable difference in noise and vibration levels between diesel and petrol?
  • Also, whether I go for X3 or any of the counterparts, how does the running cost compare between diesel and petrol engine. If anyone is using BMW's 2-litre diesel or petrol units in any of the models please suggest.

P.S.- Planning to use the car for long drives mainly, not much use in the city, and by long drives, I mean covering places like Laddakh, Arunachal, Sikkim, Goa, Kerala and so forth on 4-wheels.

Fun fact- before shortlisting the above cars, I tried my level best to see if there was any way (financing plans, discounts, etc.) wherein I could stretch to a Porsche Macan.

Here's what BHPian Turbanator had to say about the matter:

Your requirements scream Fortuner but if you want to go higher and can afford it, I will look no further than an X3 Diesel or if you are Ok with the shape of an X4, find that 6-cylinder Diesel on X4 (marginally higher priced over 4 cyl). Won’t recommend you LR twins simply because of the reliability issues. There are many examples, and it is not just hearsay. Worst, JLR is not known to fix the problems in a hurry, so if something goes wrong, it can take months to get that part from Europe. BMW or even MB have far better systems in place. You can buy an extended warranty on BMW for up to around 5 Years in total, beyond which it becomes super expensive (6th year).

I have briefly driven a Discovery sport, but it's nowhere near the X3/ X4.

Real-world mileage difference, especially if you are on higher speeds, can be as high as 50%. But Petrol is silent, if you are Ok with a six-cylinder X4, then Diesel will be a no-brainer, but if you want to stick with 4 Cylinder Diesel/ Petrol, I will take extended drives of both (not necessarily in the same car as the dealer may not have).

I find clatter on the diesel, not to my liking, but that’s just me, and you must drive both to make a meaningful decision.

Here's what BHPian lamborghini had to say about the matter:

Any reason for not trying out the Audi Q5 & Mercedes GLC?

Between these options in your shortlist, I think the X3 is definitely the nicest self-driving SUV out there and judging from comments by owners of these 3 brands - it will be the best to maintain as well, but let down by average rear seat comfort and relatively boring interiors.

If these aren't deal-breakers and the drive matters over all else, it is the one to go for!

Between the diesel and petrol : I really enjoyed the petrol when I took a test drive in 2021. The diesel performance is adequate for its segment but nothing spectacular.

Routine maintenance wouldn't be much different, but the petrol can get thirsty with a heavy foot and you want to ensure you have good quality fuel available en route your journeys!

LR Discovery is the comfort-oriented choice though let down by its dated interiors and adequate performance. A neighbor recently picked one up and it wasn't anything spectacular, to be honest.

Instead, I would look at the Evoque which is a newer model if I want an aesthetically appealing LR; or would see if there's any way to stretch for the Defender 90 which is honestly a brilliant car for your needs to tour the country, though 3 doors have limits on its practicality. I know you plan to sell it after the warranty period - but if you can hold on to it for longer with an extended warranty, it would justify the extra outlay in pricing.

The F Pace wasn't a great riding SUV and had pretty plain jane interiors : the facelift has fixed the latter but I haven't driven it to get an idea of ride quality.

All this being said, JLR service is a hit or miss in the country + as turbonator pointed out : JLR hasn't had the best track record in terms of reliability on their older models but will let current owners pine in on this.

I would also suggest waiting and checking out the new GLC when it makes it to our shores : the new C Class should give a good idea of what to expect.

It will be the latest in its segment and unlike the X3, Discovery Sport, F-Pace, etc. - it will not be an old discontinued model (facelift maybe after 3-4 years) in 3-5 years when it is time to sell so you may benefit with better resale too.

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