Bridgestone & Microsoft develop Tyre Damage Monitoring System

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Bridgestone has partnered with Microsoft to develop a system that detects when a tyre has been damaged by an impact.

The Tyre Damage Monitoring System (TDMS) uses sensors fitted on the vehicle to detect tyre damage caused by potholes, kerbs or other road debris. Data from Microsoft's Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP) cloud framework and algorithms also enable it to detect irregularities in the tyre surface.

The system can also be useful for road maintenance agencies, who could use the data collected by TDMS to identify and repair potholes or other hazards that pose a risk to road users.

Bridgestone claims that 30% of all car accidents are caused due to tyre damage. While some modern cars do come with tyre pressure monitoring systems, these are only capable of detecting variations in tyre pressure and are also said to be slower to give warnings.

TDMS is available to fleets and manufacturers that use MCVP based autonomous functions.

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