Brought home the first Volkswagen in our family; a Taigun 1.0 TSI AT

On Sunday morning, I just asked my father on his opinion on changing the 2009 Dzire Zxi our parents currently drive (Both my parents still drive).

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We were looking for a replacement for our 2013 Ford Figo TDCI which we had sold in Feb. We needed a car only by around October, but we started our hunt early due to the long waiting period now. Since our daily running is quite high (40 kms for me, 80 kms for my wife at her current posting), we had finalized on the Nexon EV. Even though we had almost finalized on Nexon EV, we checked out the following cars in the same price range on the same day:

MG Astor Turbo AT/ Astor NA CVT:

The Astor appeared to be luxurious inside out. And the Turbo AT drove well too. But we found the under thigh support to be a bit poor. Also it was a bit too out of the budget considering the FE and additional running costs over the price of the car.

We also test drove the 1.5 NA CVT. It had the rubber band effect going against it in addition to the poor under thigh support.

Honda City AT:

We did not test drive the vehicle but the City interiors did not appeal to me or my wife. Though there is a lot more space inside in the City, we loved the interiors of the Nexon much more than this.

Now, we had some time left with us for the Nexon EV test drive vehicle to arrive (It was out for a test drive for another customer and we thought we would rather get the test drive done the same day as getting time for a test drive together later would take 1-2 weeks). It was already late (around 6:15 pm), and we thought of checking out the Taigun as well. We immediately called EVM VW Cheranellur and the sales rep mentioned they are still open and we could have a test drive.

We headed to the EVM showroom, even though it was raining heavily. They were (Mr. Shibu and Mr. Sanoop) very courteous and offered a test drive of the car.We were interested in 1.0 AT only due to reliability concerns of the DSG. Loved the car, the overall space and comfort and it was fun enough to drive.

Now we were very impressed with the attitude of the sales team and they mentioned they have a very good offer from VW for the month of April (50k discount on Ex-Showroom price) ,and that it is the first time VW has given such a good offer. We were not looking for an ICE vehicle and we just asked whether they could arrange a test drive on the following Sunday at my home (20 Kms away), so that my parents could check it out as well. They promptly agreed.

We had asked the same question to the MG sales guys as well, but they said they do not work on Sundays so arranged one for the following Saturday.

On Sunday morning, I just asked my father on his opinion on changing the 2009 Dzire Zxi our parents currently drive (Both my parents still drive). He said he will think about it. Anyways, Mr. Sanoop came with the car for test drive (Really appreciate this considering his wife was admitted in hospital for delivery. He mentioned this when he came, otherwise we would have not asked him to come). Both my parents liked the car and we asked the exchange price for our 2009 Dzire and he offered a decent price.

We discussed this within the family and decided to go ahead with the Highline 1.0 AT Curcuma Yellow, considering the 50K discount and imminent price hike in May. Paid 10k advanced on the same day and completed the balance payment within 2 days. We got the car delivered on the following Saturday

The MG showroom arranged the test drive on the same day we took delivery of the Taigun (We had informed them that we booking the car would be unlikely upfront but they still came for the test drive). I casually informed the sales rep that he could have got a sale had he arranged a test drive on the previous Sunday.

So I would say, just because of the attitude of the sales guys at EVM VW, we bought a new car out of the blue. There was no plan to replace our parents car and it just happened very spontaneously. We still have the Nexon EV booked as our Figo replacement and the booking experience is a different story altogether.

This is the price break up of what we paid:

  • Ex Showroom: 1439900
  • TCS: 14399
  • Insurance: 27500 (Including 50% NCB from Dzire)
  • Road Tax: 188202
  • TP & Fastag: 700
  • Cash Discount: -50000
  • Corporate Discount: -5000
  • Total: 16,26,201

We did not opt for the accessories package costing around Rs. 10,500. Chose to order a mat online and get the mudflaps fitted later as they did not have the mat and mudflaps in stock separately. We also took the extended warranty for 5th and 6th year at 29,499, and the 3rd and 4th year service package at 16,499 (The 1st and 2nd year service package was already included as part of the April offer).

This is the first VW in our family. I hope we will have a trouble free experience with this. Also such was the experience with the sales team that we did not even cross check for better offers with other dealers.

Curious to know from other members if the behavior of a sales team has influenced a car purchase when there was never a plan for one.

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