Bubbles form on my Compass touchscreen: Dealer refuses warranty claim

My SA had the audacity to dismiss it as water ingress from pressure wash

BHPian Dr Alpha recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello everyone,

Today I noticed same kind of bubbles on the right corner of stereo screen in my Compass. Found BHPian rosh_aveo1.4's post while searching for related problems in the forum. My SA had the audacity to dismiss it as water ingress from pressure wash based on this image I shared with him and he mentioned extended warranty doesn’t cover it. There is no limit to their imagination and innovation when it comes to rejecting a warranty claim.

 How did you proceed further and was it covered in warranty. Your insights will be really helpful.

Here's what BHPian rosh_aveo1.4 replied:

Hi..unfortunately no. The bubble has just increased in numbers and I won't get any extended warranty coverage for the same as the insurance idiots claimed it's a 'cosmetic defect'. However the bubble is noted only when the screen is off. When it's on you can hardly see anything wrong. But still pissed off at the extended insurance not covering it with the silly reason.

The logical argument I was having with them is went like this. Is the standard warranty = extended warranty?. Answer is Yes. Then will this bubble thing, if it had occurred during standard warranty...would have been covered? Answer is Yes again. So then shouldn't extended warranty honor the same request? Answer is a stupid's cosmetic!

I just gave up. Attaching the latest image but like I said...noticeable only when it's off or else it's hardly visible. Seems our bubble pattern from the middle to top right is almost similar:

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