Buying a chauffeur driven car for my wife, under Rs 15 lakh

I drive a Ford Endeavour 3.2, which is also the main family car used for all events. So the new set of wheels will most likely never see the highways.

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Biggest irony when it comes to automobiles, you may be considered a subject matter expert when it comes to cars. Relatives / friends may come straight to you whenever they plan to buy a new set of wheels. But, when it comes to buying one for yourself, you end up being super confused.

So here is the dilemma, my wife’s Vento (2012 Petrol) has crossed 9 years now, the vehicle has started showing its age and requires a visit to service centre every few months for some small issue or other. Decision to go in for a new one has been made, question is which one?

Here are the set of requirements:

  1. She is chauffeur driven all the time, with her being on the driver seat being a rare event which occurs only once in 30-60 days. But it has to be an AT so that we can drive it easily whenever we want to.
  2. Back seat comfort and space is of most importance.
  3. Because of broken roads of Gurgaon ground clearance and ride quality are key factors.
  4. No matter who’s driving it, I always like to go for Top Model of any vehicle, sorry but the car has to have all the possible features even if I drive it rarely.
  5. I drive an Endeavour 3.2, which is also the main family car used for all events. So the new set of wheels will most likely never see the highways.
  6. Budget range: Around Rs 12-15 lakhs.

With the aforementioned requirements in mind did a quick analysis of available options and it boils down to this:-

  • VAG Twins: Already have a Vento, don’t feel like buying similar one again. Plus their new variants are around the corner.
  • Verna: Doesn’t seem appropriate for back seat comfort.
  • Mini SUVs: Hyundai Venue, KIA Sonet segment vehicles. I feel these are best when self-driven, not ideal for someone who’s always gona be on the back seat.

After all the deliberations have sorted it down to Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City. Enough has been discussed about strengths and weaknesses of both the vehicles in their respective reviews so wont repost it again. Mind says go for the Ciaz but then the heart says “Honda is Honda”. With this confusion in mind, sharing on the forum to hear your opinions.

Here's what BHPian pratyaksh had to say on the matter:

I was considering the same for a long time (since Jan 2021). Waiting for the VAG twins to launch, then waiting for the second wave to subside, finally picked up the Honda City ZX CVT yesterday in Golden Brown colour. The car would mostly be chauffer driven, and will be used by my parents who are senior citizens and love a spacious back seat. Also, being 6 footers, City's cabin is the best place to be.
Everything on your analysis is just about everything that we deliberated upon and nothing fits the city for being the 'city' car this it is. Your use case is also very similar, therefore, unless you can't stretch to approx. 17 Lacs on-road, you can't even compare the cabin, ride, gearbox and quality of the City with the Ciaz.

One drive in the Ciaz, and we knew we will be spending a lot more-but getting the City. Ciaz - only if you are unwilling to stretch over 15L for the ZX.

Here's what BHPian comfortablynumb had to say on the matter:

Since you are OK with Ciaz, do check out the Maruti XL6 too. It's a very underrated but capable and comfortable vehicle. You will get the Alpha AT with 2nd row captain seats for under 15L easily.

Some reviews for your reference:

Here's what BHPian DLC5005 had to say on the matter:

Would suggest you to test drive XL6 with family once, before eliminating it from your list.

Though 6-seater is not a requirement, it can very well be used as a comfortable 4 seater with lots of luggage space.

Since it will be chauffeur driven mostly, nothing beats the comfort of captain seats with the rear roof AC.

If she is not comfortable driving a MUV, because of looks, premium-ness, liking then it's a personal choice and you are right in considering either Ciaz or City.

But, if she is not comfortable driving a MUV considering the size, then actually XL6 is more comfortable to drive when compared to Ciaz, with better road view from driver seat, lesser turning radius(5.2 vs 5.4), lesser length (4445 vs 4490), better ground clearance (180 vs 170) and easy ingress and egress. Although width is a slightly more (1775 vs 1730)


My maternal grandfather drives Ciaz in his hometown. And he always says he is more comfortable driving my father's Ertiga. Mainly due to seat height and easy entry exit.


If only Ciaz and City are the options. Then would suggest you to go for City.

Since the CVT in City is much better than the Ciaz's 4 speed TC.

Here's what BHPian DeKay had to say on the matter:

I have a Ciaz in the family. ALL the seats are absolutely terrible, at least for my height. Any journey beyond an hour and I'm in pain. The front seats have no shoulder support, lumbar support or adequate bolstering and the rear have no under-thigh support and the backrest is a mess.

I suggest the City any day if back seat comfort is priority.

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