Car meet-ups of VW Virtus enthusiasts in India are gaining popularity

These one-make, one-type car meets bring a new level of excitement and make the ownership experience more enjoyable.

BHPian raycers_honda recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The Volkswagen Virtus is making waves across the sedan segment in India, slowly but surely earning the 'cult' status tag. With its exceptional looks and outstanding performance, it has captured the hearts of many Virtus fans, whether in the 1.0 guise or the 1.5-liter guise.

Since its launch, mine was among the first few batches in India to be delivered, and the ownership experience has been nothing short of outstanding. Now, at the two-year mark and approximately 13,000 kilometers, it's been an overwhelming experience. You never get tired of driving it or taking it for a spin. It serves perfectly as a daily driver or a weekend ride for car meets.

Speaking of which, Virtus car meets are occurring all over the country. These one-make, one-type car meets, which I haven't seen gain much popularity before, bring a new level of excitement. As an automobile buff, it brings a lot of pleasure to mundane Sundays, which are now converted to early morning drives and Virtus car meets.

Here are a few of the Sunday Morning Virtus meets.

These car meets make the ownership experience more enjoyable. Just simple breakfast meet-ups, and then everyone discussing their cars and what they've added or done. They discuss service experiences and help others out with any issues, sharing their own experiences, etc.

Also, it makes people want a Virtus more. It becomes more of an enjoyable hobby, albeit a very expensive one. Just imagine the sight of a Virtus convoy on the road.

Car meets make for a new hobby, passion, and fun, especially with the added joy of taking pictures. Reminds me a lot of my GTA 5 car meets.

These gatherings of Virtus enthusiasts brighten Sunday mornings as they convene for spirited discussions and a display of their beloved rides at a pre-defined location.

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