Checked out the 2022 Hyundai Tucson at a showroom: My first impressions

Compared to its immediate competitors, I personally felt the Tucson feels nowhere as special as the Compass, but neither as vanilla as the Tiguan.

BHPian Maky recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I went to have a look at the new Tucson today. I've come back with mixed feelings on this one, primarily because of the disgusting pricing for what it offers. Took some pictures of things I felt worth noting and sharing:

The car is W-I-D-E and announces itself. Quite a full frontal:

So quality wise it feels somewhere around the Compass but not quite the Tiguan/Octavia levels of refinement... which would be the other cars I've shortlisted:

And design wise it feels leagues above the previous Tucson. Compared to its immediate competitors, I personally felt the Tucson feels nowhere as special as the Compass, but neither as vanilla as the Tiguan.:

As expected with modern Koreans, the Tucson is feature laden and you will complain about not much missing in this car. The switchgear has good feeling travel and is well built:

The under armrest storage has adequate depth nothing exceptional. No USB nor Cooling. Nice felt material at the bottom though hard plastics all around:

The wireless charging area has a nice vent for cooling the phone. A good idea since they bloody did not add wireless CarPlay/AndroidAuto in any of the variants. So on long journeys otherwise would be expected to have a hot phone because of forced power/wired charging to go with your Maps/GPS+Spotify/data:

Nice pano roof but the sunroof will not open even halfway. You get 1/4th open vent:

With the drivers seat set to my driving position of the Indian average of 5Ft. 7" there is plenty of rear legroom. Very good:

The rear set pleasantly reclines. I set it to max recline and incline for reference. Max inline feels too upright most everyone will recline it atleast slightly:

Seth button for the chauffeur driven:

I was very happy to see the car's aggressive looking lines in online pictures didn't look that bad in person, atleast did not under showroom lights:

Placing the wiper up and hidden away for a clean rear look is a nice touch:

The dickie is some ~550 odd Liters I was told, seems reasonable for a car of this size. Although the depth was fine, I felt it wasn't as tall as would be ideal:

The key design is unique to the Tucson. The keyfob pedantics will be most pleased:

While I was unable to do an at length TD of this car to give a final call, based on what I've seen otherwise, I found the Tucson to be a very good overall package. The price will play spoilt sport for most I think. I feel the petrol variant will be the best seller for this car.

If you are like me in the market for 30-35L vehicle, waiting till December isn't a bad idea. The Tucson should go on discount by then.

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