Compact SUV with best sound-proofing & NVH levels under Rs 15 lakh

Please note it's not just the NVH levels I'm referring to. It's the regular noise of streets, vehicles, and (most disturbing) the honking.

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Hello Petrolheads!

I'm glad to be a part of the Team-BHP community. I'm searching for the right car in the compact SUV segment and have a slightly odd requirement that neither Google nor the reviews could help with hence I'm posting here in hopes of having direct opinions from the owners of the shortlisted cars.

A little about me:

I am a Non-Resident Indian staying primarily in London. I'm an entrepreneur and I visit my home in India 3-4 times a year. So effectively, I spend half of the time here and the rest half travelling across Europe.


I'm looking for a compact SUV to accompany me during my stay at home in India. I have a medical condition (Hyperacusis) where everyday sounds seem much louder than they should. This makes me prefer a car that scores high when it comes to a quiet cabin.

Please note it's not just the NVH levels I'm referring to. It's the regular noise of streets, vehicles, and (most disturbing) the honking in India that is painful for me. I've been into European cars here and they have such a beautifully silent cabin, coupled with the fact that people rarely honk here, which makes me forget my condition but whenever I'm back to India, the torture starts. So much that I have to avoid getting out whenever I'm at home and I would like to change it.

Possible Contenders:

All compact SUVs in India: Venue, Sonet, XUV 300, Brezza, Nexon under the budget of 15 Lacs INR (On Road).

I'm aware what I'm asking for is usually reserved for the high-end brand/segments and the cars in the higher price range always offer the best cabin silence. However, there must be some "least worst" among all in the CSUV segment. The owners of these cars, can you please share your experience pertaining to the noise levels in the cabin?

I also know we can enhance the soundproofing using custom modifications in doors and other places and I would consider them, but buying a car with the best level of silence is the right way to begin.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Here's what BHPian m3t4ph0r1c had to say on the matter:

I would suggest you take a test drive of the mentioned vehicles for better judgement, as noise isolation is the major criterion.

However, as per my experience below would be my preference in order, when it comes to noise isolation:

  • Hyundai Venue / Kia Sonet
  • Mahindra XUV300
  • Maruti Brezza
  • Tata Nexon

Here's what BHPian mkumar79 had to say on the matter:

During my test drives, I felt the S-cross cabin was the best insulated from city traffic noise. On the highways though, the lack of a 6th gear is apparent with the engine roar at 3000 rpm.

You could also look at the subscription options of the Germans if that makes sense for the shorter periods you are in India.

Here's what BHPian ajayc123 had to say on the matter:

This is the elusive nirvana that I have always been seeking, always finding less than desirable soundproofing in our Indian compact cars.

One thing that I have started making up my mind about is an EV, at least that's one variable that has a bearing on cabin sound.

In the past, I have used the sound meter app during test drives, so I could suggest you use that during your research. While the app may not be perfectly calibrated but can be useful for relative comparison.

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