Service centre unable to fix coolant leak in RR 310 even after 3 months

It is a brand-new motorcycle with only 1,000 km on its odometer.

BHPian anb recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A friend of mine purchased a TVS Apache RR310 BS6 bike in April 2022. Within 800 km, there was an issue of coolant leak. Top Haven TVS Alapuzha is unable to rectify the issue even after 3 months. Let me explain the issue in detail in my friend's own words.

"I purchased the flagship bike RR310 BS6 from S.S TVS, Kollam on 05/04/2022. With the first 500KM of run, there was an issue of oil leakage from the engine head. This issue was rectified in the first service done at 580Km on 27/05/2022 at Kathir TVS, TVM.

Again after a total 800Km of run, a coolant leakage was observed from the water pump side. So I tried to book a service from different RR310 service centers in south Kerala. All of them replied that no slot is available and suggested a long waiting period for this severe issue. They have told me that it may be arrested after a few hundred Kms. But the issue became worse as the days progressed.

The issue was so severe that the coolant was likely to be fully drained overnight and the toxic coolant was there all over my courtyard. So finally I took the vehicle to Top Heaven TVS Alappuzha with the help of RSA (at my own expense) on 27/06/2022. Only a total 1000Kms with locked riding modes was completed at that time. They told me that they will clear the issue under warranty and created a job card stating running repair at zero cost. But the contact number given in the job card was out of service whenever I tried to contact them. There was no response from the centre. So I have to repeatedly visit the service centre (at my own expense) which was 100Km (one side) away from my home.

The situation was so pathetic. They told me about new complex problems and the shortage of spare parts every time I visited them. Finally, they removed the engine head and valves of my brand-new bike. Even a head packing is not available there and there were no properly trained workmen for RR310. They are handling it in an unscientific way. As an engineer, I can’t tolerate these situations. I have told them that I am not satisfied with the service. They are working with the opened engine in a dusty working environment without using proper tools and try to reuse old engine packing and gaskets instead of using new ones. They are not using engine rooms. It's been 3 months and they are still not sure about when they can return the vehicle.

I have never expected such a severe problem from a brand-new vehicle from TVS. I was not able to enjoy even the running in period of my vehicle, even the riding modes were locked. Such a new vehicle is under major engine repair. This is the worst situation that a premium customer can get. RR310 is TVS' flagship bike. Actually, TVS is spoiling the technologies of BMW through their poor quality control in the production line and also very bad service centers.

I am not ready to use this vehicle again because I could never use it even for 3 months. The total ODO is only 1000 Km and the modes are locked. I have used the vehicle in a proper way during its running-in period."

Here's what BHPian shancz had to say about the matter:

Sorry to hear about the unfortunate experience your friend has to go through.

Your points truly nail down the gist of it.

TVS' flagship motorcycle has to wait indefinitely for spares when it's manufactured in Hosur, not very far from there, so even a fresh order shouldn't take more than 7 days to reach.

Quite shocked to hear about the ordeal. I have had two RTR 180s with manufacturing defects surfacing by the first service itself and in both cases, they were resolved with a faulty carb and a faulty cylinder head leaking oil replaced under warranty without anything being said from my side apart from stating the problem at Bharath TVS Bangalore (carb) and Swastik TVS, Ranchi (cylinder head).

But this case truly highlights the diametrically opposite experience one can have across ASCs.

TVS has to sort it out as they claim the customers.

Some points

  • I couldn't notice any reference to a complaint being lodged with TVS customer care. If not, please do it ASAP as the lack of availability of spares could be due to an issue with either the company or the dealer.
  • If I were in your friend's place, I wouldn't have moved the bike out of my location/local service center unless TVS does that for me. This would mean that now TVS is in the loop and I don't suffer because of dealership-specific issues.

I would suggest focusing on point 1 first and also important is to keep updating this thread with the progress and TVS' response. I can recall quite a few threads where folks have posted initially but then went incommunicado leaving us in a lurch over what happened and whose fault was it.

Hope you get a resolution soon.

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