Completed 1.25 lakh km on my 2002 Royal Enfield Electra

During the ride, I covered around 425 km and got a fuel efficiency of 28 km/l while maintaining an average speed of 50 km/h.

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Finally, crossed the 1,25,000 km mark during a nice long ride. The odo now stands at 1,25,080 km.

Headed out early on Saturday, still unsure where to go. Decided to hit Tumkur road and figure it out on the fly. Being a weekend, the traffic was dense with a few bikers riding in groups and one or two, like me, doing solo. Most of the traffic went towards Hassan and I headed straight towards Tumkur and decided to hit the Shimoga road and head back after I have covered some distance.

One surprise was that the Tumkur bypass is finally completed. It is now a proper 4-lane, divided road. This road had always been in a bad condition during all the years I have used it. The second surprise was the conversion of the Tumkur-Shimoga road into a 4-lane road. A good number of short stretches have been completed and has transformed the route. The last time I did a good part of this stretch was 4 years ago.

I headed up to Coffee Day just outside Arsikere, which is hidden now because of a flyover that is coming up next to it. The last time I was there was when I did a similar one-day ride to Chikamagalur on my 500, 7 years ago. The place, like the road, has completely transformed. I cut off a little further ahead towards Halibeedu, which was a good two-way road, and then from Halibeedu to Hassan and came back via Kunigal.

Covered around 425 km in total and apart from a seizing feeling from the engine every time I crossed 70 km/h, the motorcycle performed fine the entire way. Got a fuel efficiency of 28 km/l while maintaining an average speed of 50 km/h. Didn't bother pushing it on some long down gradients this time as I was afraid of seizing the engine for good. The usual oil leak increased from the head gasket and a bit more from the PCV which drains onto the chain. The last oil service was done 2,500 km ago, so will be giving it for the next service in another 2,000 km.

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