Completed a 4000 km roadtrip in my Scorpio-N: 10 quick observations

Even after doing 1400 km in under 18 hours, there was no driving fatigue.

BHPian chipsnchops recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I drove close to 4000 km on a long drive from Hyderabad to Trivandrum and back (plus some driving within Trivandrum as well as a detour at Salem on my way back to meet my childhood friend.

Here are some of the things I observed from my Scorpio-N 2WD Diesel Manual.

I drove alone and I did about 1400 km one way in 18 hours. No meal breaks in between.

  • Absolutely mind-blowing performance. No other car on road even comes close. When you floor the accelerator, you can literally see how you leave them behind in the dust.
  • Super stable on straight roads, not as much in curves but a gentle application of the break and you have full control of your beast.
  • The kind of Confidence you get driving it is unmatched. It is due to the deadly combination of the power thrust, the instant response with the steering wheel, and all four disc brakes.
  • Was driving more for performance and not for mileage. So the average was around 12 to 13 only.
  • Even after doing 1400 km in under 18 hours, there was no driving fatigue (I was definitely tired after 18 hours but that was due to sitting for a long time since I'm almost 50  )
  • Like some others also mentioned, the infotainment is still buggy. The Bluetooth suddenly disconnects and refuses to reconnect (for music), the screen freezes with the reverse camera, and for some time the screen went blank. Also once the cruise control refused to engage. (Like all good Made in India vehicles, all of these got sorted when I restarted the engine. The Bluetooth did not. It had a mind of its own. Started working suddenly just the way it stopped)
  • Headlights are not up to the mark, esp if you are driving on two-lane highways at night/early morning. I added two projector lamps on the bumper as add ons and it definitely helped massively.
  • I love the N's horn but it still is not enough when you are driving on highways at night (or even day) above 120 km/hr. There are so many intersections where people cross the highway. So I added one more horn for the highway. It is shrill and can catch anyone's attention and it can be heard above the music system in cars. I have a changeover switch. So I use it only when I am doing high-speed driving on highways. I have observed that it really helps.
  • My Wolfbox dashcam was very helpful. Even when it is really dark outside, I could see everything clearly through the rear dash cam. When I was driving early morning, there was very thick fog in one place and there was no visibility. I took the help of the front dash cam to get better visibility. Very happy with it. Worth every penny.

Overall, fell more and more in love with my N and also felt that pride of owning*it*

Specific details about Hyderabad - Trivandrum drive with toll details are given in this thread

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