Coolant leak on my 1-day old Tata Punch EV

It is outrageous that a 1-day old vehicle has to be left at service center for over a week.

BHPian King_Julien recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I took delivery of my Punch EV Empowered +S LR on 13th March morning.

The car was delivered with 33% charge, so took it home and charged to 60% and in the evening I noticed some coolant leak on the floor.

Informed it to sales advisor, who told coolant is used only when battery gets charged and it is safe to drive. Next day I checked the coolant tank, and to my shock one of the 2 tanks was empty.

I took the vehicle to service center on 15th morning, and I was told by the service advisor that there is a leak and the vehicle has to be lifted to check the exact spot and all vehicle lifts are full. I was told that the vehicle cannot be driven in this condition, as coolant gets circulated while driving too and car has to be left there for inspection on next day.

I got a call today (16th) that the coolant hose leak is the issue and today being Saturday, it is not possible to place order. So they will be placing order on 19th (Monday) and expecting the part to reach on Friday after which they will do the replacement.

It is outrageous that a 1-day old vehicle has to be left at service center for over a week.

The timelines is unacceptable. The experience has left me deeply disappointed and questioning Tata's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Here's what BHPian camaroon had to say on the matter:

Really sorry to hear about your experience.

The sales guys only want the payment and will say anything to not take accountability once the invoice is raised. Coolant is also used for battery and charging without it can damage the battery. Hopefully its only a leak in the hose / connections which can be fixed easily.

Do you mind indicating the dealership and the service center.

I will be doing my PDI soon and not sure how to perform comprehensive tests to catch such issues before acceptance.

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