Delayed RC cards from Karnataka RTO: Here's how to get yours quicker

New vehicle registration certificates from the Karnataka Regional Transport Office have been delayed due to the semiconductor shortage.

It seems that the semiconductor shortage hasn't just affected automobile manufacturing but also other industries/areas as well. Apparently, Karnataka RTO has stopped issuing Smart Cards for all new registrations and transfers. The govt body is providing paper print-outs instead.

So far these reports have surfaced mostly from Karnataka, and a few BHPians in other states have received the regular Smart Cards. The process of providing paper print-outs in lieu of Smart Cards opted for by the Karnataka RTO is taking much longer than expected, with some BHPians having to wait for 1.5 to 2 months.

BHPian alexgv, whose Royal Enfield Classic 350 was registered in October last year was tired of waiting and went to the RTO himself. Below is his first-hand advice for speeding up the entire process.

Regarding my Classic 350 registered in October, I went to the KA03 RTO office in Feb first week & found out that the dealer had updated the number plate only in December last week.

So as per RTO, it will take 2 months after that.

I went again yesterday and was able to get the RC card (not paper) after the person searched for it. (I didn't need to pay anything)

You have to go to 2nd-floor room no. 22 for RC card related queries. It may be closed, you can push it open and enquire.

Here's what BHPian goandude had to say about the matter:

Got fed up with waiting for the card to come home. So as you directed, went to Room 22, which was shut, pushed open the door and got my RC paper in 2 minutes. There were hundreds of cards neatly placed in cloth envelopes, waiting to be dispatched. Wonder what was stopping them from just posting it.

The RC paper is the size of a cheque leaf. Folded in the center with all info on the outer sides.

Here's what BHPian sajands had to say about the matter:

I really wonder when Karnataka RTO will start the cards again rather than paper. Maharashtra surprisingly does not have this issue, I wonder how it's KA RTO that has a shortage of chips to issue the cards? Are other southern RTOs having the same problem issuing RC Cards or is it only in Bangalore?

Here's what BHPian Vijin had to say about the matter:

I see Kerala provides similar printouts, but they are laminated by default.

(Details blurred intentionally)

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