Toyota Glanza issues: Sudden loss of power, console lights turning on

Last October while driving, my brother in law suddenly felt that the engine was not providing sufficient power and the steering wheel felt very stiff.

BHPian gischethans recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My friend Avinash reached out to me regarding the odd, infrequent issue of engine power loss, power steering locking up and console lights turning on in his 2021 Toyota Glanza. Avinash being new to driving, his brother-in-law who has a good amount of driving experience has been driving this car. In his words:

I wanted your opinion regarding the issue I am facing with my Glanza G (2021 model). Last October while driving, my brother in law suddenly felt that the engine was not providing sufficient power and the steering wheel felt very stiff. He somehow safely parked the vehicle and noted that several warning lamps were on, indicating power steering failure, ABS failure and application of Hand brake. So immediately he called Toyota service and explained the situation. During this time he was also trying to power off the car but it was not powering down(our car has a push to start button). However, after several attempts, the system was able to restart and everything went back to normal. Since we didn't want to take any risk, we sent the car to the service station immediately. There the technicians suspected a loose connection in the electric connections and according to them, they checked all the connections and returned the car, that's all!

After that, we didn't face any such issue for a long time. But, the same issue resurfaced again this February 27th which made us worry about safety. I again sent the vehicle to the service centre. They were not able to pinpoint the issue and after several follow-ups, they called their technical head and said there is no issue with the sensors but there was some problem with ABS which they re calibrated. Apparently, they were not able to reproduce the exact issue and they have not received any such complaints from other vehicles. This agitated me because the issue repeated itself after 5 months and they are expecting it to happen in a couple of days! So I told them unless otherwise, they guarantee me in writing that it is 100% safe to run the vehicle I will not treat the matter closed as it is a matter of life and death. They are denying to mail, so I have told them any response from here onwards I want in writing and if I don't receive a mail I will be escalating the issue.

Photos shared by him:

I have suggested he write to Toyota customer care explaining the above details and request them for proper technical support. Parallel to that, I am posting here to check if any members have experienced a similar situation and what was done to resolve the issue. The car was bought from United Toyota, Mangaluru.

Despite best efforts from Avinash, the only thing United Toyota did was to replace the ABS Actuator under warranty. They have not been forthcoming with the scan report and emails to Toyota have not been answered either. All we need is clear answers regarding the diagnosis performed and a written statement assuring us that the same issue will not occur again.

Here's what BHPian pta320 had to say on the matter:

To me it sounds like ECM is acting up. It could either be faulty or maybe due to a fault in some other component , the car might have been switching back and forth from limp mode.

I'd suggest a complete OBD scan at dealership and if it happens next time, take a video and push for warranty repairs.

Here's what BHPian vigsom had to say on the matter:

First issue in Oct-2021 and second one five months later. My initial sense is that this is a case of intermittent CAN communication failure since multiple errors came on. Another possibility is the grounding, but then if it is a grounding issue, it would generally never "auto correct".

Please don the Sherlock Holmes hat and ask if there was some event post which this issue cropped up. If yes, it will be easier to pin point.

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