Delhi revises speed limits for all vehicles

The speed limit for cars and cabs has been set at 50-70 km/h on most roads.

The Delhi Traffic Police have revised the speed limit for all types of vehicles that ply on the streets of the national capital.

According to a gazette notice, the speed limit for the M1 category of vehicles including cabs like Ola and Uber has been set at 50-70 km/h on most roads and 30 km/h inside commercial markets, minor roads and residential areas.

The speed limit for 2-wheelers has been fixed at 50-60 km/h on highways and flyovers and 30 km/h in a residential complex, service roads and commercial markets.

M2 and M3 category vehicles which include LMVs like delivery vans, etc. have been restricted to 50-60 km/h. The speed limit for public transport like Gramin Sewa, auto-rickshaws, Phat-Phat Sewa and quadricycles has been set at 40 km/h.

As per the notification, if the speed of the vehicle is more than 5% of the fixed maximum speed limit, the driver / rider will be charged under section 183 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. However, no action will be taken if the speed is within 5% of the set limit.

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