A delivery person's surprising response after crashing into my car

I still have a very small dent on the left of my Polo GT TSI as a reminder of this incident.

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It was a dark and stormy night. Like really. And raining cats and dogs

I was driving back with my wife from Commercial Street in Bangalore to JP Nagar 7th phase in a Polo GT TSI. Somewhere along there was an intersection.

The Swiggy person came out of nowhere and crashed on my side. He was in one of those tinted blue e-cycles. He fell to the ground. I stopped the car and got down

And this guy's first reaction is "Where are you looking while driving?" ["Kidhar dekh ke chala rahe ho boss?" were the exact words]

He showed his damage. Chappal broke, a small skin bruise on his leg and his earphones broken.

I calmly told him, "Sir, you know this is your mistake. You came from the side and rammed my car left side of the door at full speed without slowing"

To my surprise, he replied, "Yes, I know it is my fault too. It is just that I said that out of habit"

I was very taken aback. Anyway, I felt pretty bad looking at his state. Plus I have a massive soft corner for all the delivery people for keeping us alive in COVID. So I paid him enough cash to get new chappals, new earphones and to go to a doctor if needed for his bruise.

He thanked me and left. I guess everyone was okay that night.

I still have a very small dent on the left of my car as a reminder of this incident

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