Ecosport owner lists 12 reasons why he bought an Isuzu V-Cross pickup

In the city as Iong as I am heading to a place where there is parking, V-Cross size doesn't bother me at all in the traffic.

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Since my days in the U.S.A I have always liked trucks, but didn't buy one due to lack of utility. I have moved back to India a few years ago, and having taken a break from corporate job I started a sustainable lifestyle company of mine own. I feel pickup trucks can really help me in my day to day activities ferrying things between my factory in East bangalore and my store in central Bangalore. Not just that, I potentially see the pickup truck with a bit of mods helping me take things to my coffee estate and back.

I showed an interest to buy the V-Cross MT 4x4 to local Isuzu dealer in Bangalore around early March 2023. Since BS6 S1 D-Maxs will need to be sold/registered before March 31st, I was adamant with my ₹₹ offer to buy at. By mid March all MTs were sold out, but I was adamant and I conveyed to them that even AT is ok as long as I get the same discount and freebies that I had asked for. On March 29th, they lost patience and gave in.

Now I drive a silver V-Cross AT 4x4. Since my FIL is a car enthusiast who collects vintage and modern cars, I was privileged enough to drive them whenever I go out of town. I like the V-Cross on the highways way better than the Thar. In the city as Iong as I am heading to a place where there is parking V-Cross size doesn't bother me at all in the traffic. I have been driving an Ecosport for 10 years now and it's going strong. I know I can fall back on it whenever I need to. This was my small checklist I figured worked for me:

  • A city car all the time at your disposal.
  • You frequently haul something that doesn't fit in your car.
  • Don't mind driving a big car in the city.
  • Serious overlander.
  • Have parking available in your apt/house.
  • Freaking crazy about trucks.
  • You would like to frequently chop change how your car looks - I feel a pickup truck gives you that flexibility to do whatever on and in its bed. What you do on its bed can change the whole look of the truck
  • You like to build things. Even though the bed isnt massive, for me it's enough to build something cool, especially if you are into design and build. Think overlanding, a family room on long trips, etc.
  • You have an IE license to import things to try things on the truck. This is applicable to any car, with a pickup truck you have a lot more possibilities.
  • Have a farm of your own that you need to visit frequently to take and bring back stuff.
  • Own a dog(s) want to take her/him/them wherever you go.
  • V-Cross doesn't have a good pickup until turbo kicks in. May be Hilux does with its 200 HP engine. Either ways one cannot hope let's challenge those SUVs and sedans. It's a vehicle to chill and drive.

This checklist is valid if and only if you are in the market for a pickup truck and live in a metropolitan. Why do I say this? One needs to already have a conviction to drive a pickup truck. This checklist only gives you clarity to your thoughts in my opinion not a reason to buy. If you can check at least 8 points in this list, i think you can buy one.

Do I like my truck? Hell yeah!!

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