Electrical problems in my Hyundai Grand i10 AT

We have not modified anything in the stock car. The only accessory we have installed is a dashcam that is powered from 12V (cigarette lighter) socket.

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Hello BHPians,

Request your assistance in the following matter:

My wife drives a 2018 Hyundai Grand i10 Sportz AT.

  • Yesterday when she engaged reverse gear, the reverse camera did not switch on. After several failed attempts it switched on.
  • On reaching her destination, she turned off the car engine and removed the key but the radio did not switch off. She replaced the key and turned the accessories on - off a few times but it did not work. She then restarted the engine and turned it off, then the radio was finally off.
  • Couple of days ago, a few minutes after she locked the car, the hazard lights came on for sometime and then switched off again.

Other than our home's parking, she parks her car on road in front of her clinic where, as per her, presence of rats can be ruled out as there are lots of stray dogs in the vicinity.

We have not modified anything in the stock car. The only accessory we have installed is a dashcam that is powered from 12V (cigarette lighter) socket.

Last rain was about 15 days ago.

The car had been running trouble free until this issue.

3 years warranty has expired. The car was serviced by HASS at prescribed intervals.

I am sailing at the moment, so can guide her through WhatsApp only.

I have asked her to get the car's battery connections and grounding checked by our trusted FNG on her way to the clinic.

Your expert guidance will be highly appreciated.

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Here's what BHPian vigsom had to say on the matter:

Captain, I'm assuming that the car is able to start without any hesitation and that the cranking power is good - if yes, the battery has enough juice. However, given that the car is over 3 years old, please have the health of the battery checked, and do check for sulfation at the battery terminals.

I can suggest the following checks for the three issues you've highlighted:

  • Reverse camera display not on - Without starting the engine, please slot the gear in reverse and if the camera display doesn't turn on, please check if the reverse light is on? If the reverse light isn't on, the issue could be with the reverse switch wiring.
  • Radio not switching off - the key barrel could be malfunctioning - there is a switch at the end of the key barrel called the body switch in which a wiring coupler is fitted - if your FNG has a good electrician, they could open that alone, clean the contacts put it back and see.
  • When the key is taken out of the barrel, is a click or khat sound heard everytime? If not, the key barrel is the culprit. A bit of WD40 spray into the barrel and then operating the barrel a few times will help.
  • Hazard lights coming on for sometime - this happens when the security system senses a malfunction eg. one or more door unlocked. It can also happen when the circuit power gets reset.

The one thing in common for all the three issues you've reported is the Body Control Module (BCM). If there is an intermittent low power supply issue there, one or more issues with on board electricals can occur.

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