Fiat announces its plans to go fully electric by 2030

Fiat has announced that it will become an EV-only brand before the end of this decade.

Fiat has announced that the company is planning to go full-electric by the end of this decade. The company stated that they will start phasing out IC-engines from 2025, before becoming an EV-only brand by 2030.

Fiat has already introduced the 500e - an electric version of its popular city hatchback. The small Fiat 500e electric hatchback is meant for daily city commutes and is said to have a range of around 400 km. However, Fiat is said to be working on newer models for the future as well.

The company CEO, Olivier Francois, also stated that the next-generation Fiat Panda and 500X models could also be battery-powered. Fiat had previously showcased its Centroventi concept back in 2019, which is supposed to preview the next-gen electric Panda.

The upcoming electric Fiat Panda is said to share its underpinnings with the 500e. Although, reports also suggest that Fiat could make use of other EV platforms from Stellantis on some of its future models.

Apart from this, Francois also stated that the company could convert its iconic test track on the roof of its former Lingotto factory in Turin, Italy into a hanging garden with 28,000 plants.

Source: Motor1

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