Ford EcoSport service updates after a recent road trip: 1.40L km done

The total cost including the service and labour charges came to around ₹13,000.

BHPian ABHI_1512 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Baahon just crossed the One lakh forty thousand mark some time back and the usual service was done at the Ford Authorised Service Center at Calcutta - Ganges Ford. The service experience, just as usual, was great and it couldn’t have been better. The front ball bearing hubs were changed and so did the two bar bush stabilisers. The car probably now needs an interior makeover, just to make things a little interesting inside.

The following items were changed:

  1. Oil Filter
  2. Gasket plug
  3. AC Filter
  4. Air Filter
  5. Engine Oil
  6. Bar Bush stabilisers
  7. Front Bearings
  8. Retainer Log Nut

The total cost including the service and labour charges came to around ₹13,000. After the change of bearings, the car is back to its original real self. After the NE expedition, the car needed some thorough cleaning as well and which was done at the service centre only. Ganges Ford has two service outlets here in Calcutta and the one at Maheshtala is pretty efficient in the washing and cleaning department. So, Baahon is doing what it does best- bringing a smile every time I drive it.

The recent NE travel sojourn is documented in the thread.

Some pictures:

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