Future Jeeps could get an off-road burnout mode

The tech is said to help off-roaders climb steep inclines better.

According to reports, Stellantis has filed a patent at the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for an 'off-road burnout mode'.

The burnout mode is common among muscle cars and other supercars, wherein the tech locks one axle with the power sent to the other axle initiating a wheelspin. The off-road burnout mode though is mechanically similar but its application is slightly different. In the off-road burnout mode, the front axle is freed while the rear wheels are locked in place. Also, to avoid needless brake wear, a controller unit is used which just prevents power from going to the rear wheels.

In addition to this, if the front wheels are in the air, they can be rotated freely to fling debris away from the surface. The patent also mentions a reverse burnout, wherein the tyres can be rotated backwards to help the wheels get rid of any mud or other slippery materials. Once the tyres are clean, the driver is informed via the display inside the car.

The tech is said to help off-roaders climb steep inclines better. Also, the off-roader can easily fling the caked-in mud on the tyres with ease after passing through a stream or a muddy patch.

Reports state that if the tech actually makes it into production vehicles, it could be offered as an optional feature on future Jeeps.

Source: CarBuzz

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