Getting to know my Himalayan 450: Owner's opinion on multiple features

I find the new switchgear, which is also available on the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650, difficult to reach quickly as I have short thumbs.

BHPian shyamg28 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Ergos on the left side of the handlebar

I hate this headlight twister thingy. I have short thumbs and I find it difficult to reach this thing quickly. I feel manufacturers should not change some of these things. Just make them standard and leave them be.

The rest of the stuff is easily reachable. The joystick can take some learning to use accurately. It's intuitive more or less.

It didn't take me the longest time to learn how to use it. Pull the stick to the right and hold and it prompts the wifi SSID.

The "Home" button is where one usually finds the "pass" switch. Useful but I wish it worked as a "back" button as well.

Seat height settings

This is how it looks with the 825mm seat setting (default).

This is with the 845mm seat height setting.

845mm seat height setting.

I find the way that rubber is pulled to be a bit flimsy, to be honest.

This is how it looks with the 845mm seat height set.

That's the keyhole to open up the seat.

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