Goa: Earn cash rewards by reporting traffic violations


According to a media report, the Goa Police have launched the Traffic Sentinel Scheme, which offers cash rewards to citizens reporting traffic violations.

Under the new scheme, people registered as traffic sentinels can report traffic violations by capturing a photo or video and send it via WhatsApp (Mob no. 7875756110) or email - or post it on Goa Traffic Police's Facebook page. The photo / video must contain the license plate of the vehicle, time, date, place and type of violation. Registered users will receive a unique reference ID and their identity will not be disclosed.

For every offence reported, citizens can earn reward points. Rs. 1,000 is offered for 100 reward points. Ten types of traffic violations can be reported through this scheme. 10 reward points can be earned for reporting violations like wrong side driving, triple riding, red light jumping, dangerous driving and using mobile while driving. 7 points are for driving without seat belt and riding without a helmet, and 3 points for parking on footpath or zebra crossing, improper number plate and using vehicle with tinted glass.

Source: Digital Goa

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