Got a new Renault Kiger: Incidents that affected my overall experience

The car broke down on our way to the airport. We had no other choice but to abandon it & get a taxi.

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My Kiger CVT Turbo was delivered to me in Ernakulam on Sep 3, as it was not available in Trivandrum. I returned to Trivandrum on Sep 5. On reaching, I found that the area below all 4 doors was dirty due to road grime. When I reported this to the dealer and showed him the video, I was told that all cars have this problem, so it is not unique to Kiger. In any case, they claimed to be aware of the problem but did not have a solution.

On Sep 10, I drove back to Ernakulam from Trivandrum and was headed for the Kochi airport. About 10 kms from the airport, the car stopped and could not be moved. The odometer reading at this time was 529 kms. I found that the transmission fluid had leaked. We had to abandon the car there and it was later towed to the same dealer from where it was delivered. Being a Saturday, and Onam holidays were on, they were able to inspect the car only on Monday. In the meantime, I returned to Trivandrum in a taxi on Sunday.

I was told that a clamp for a hose was not fixed properly, and hence the hose had disconnected and the fluid had leaked. The car was brought back to the Trivandrum dealer on Wednesday, and I got it back on Thursday.

Roadside Assistance

It took 1.5 hours for them to get a cab to pick us up from the breakdown location and take us to a hotel. While I paid Rs 1300, I was told that Rs 1000 is the amount I would be reimbursed. Still waiting for that, although they claim it has been paid.

I paid Rs 11,000 for the cab from Kochi airport to Trivandrum, still waiting for that reimbursement. In the meantime, I was asked whether I wanted to use the Rs 11000 towards an extended warranty for 2 years beyond the 3 years I already had. I asked them to provide the extended warranty at no cost to me, for which they gave me some explanation that made no sense at all, so not done.

I still think the car is great, but I wonder whether I made a mistake since nobody at Renault or TVS seems to be responsible for the customer experience.

Here's what BHPian abhisheksircar had to say about the matter:

Okay, this is scary. I hope it is not usual.

I was also noticing it after I saw some reviews but when I checked my Ciaz, the same thing. Somehow the dirt seeps in, not inside the cabin but into the inside edges of the body panel under the door. I am not sure about other cars though.

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