Great experience with Telangana RTA: Car's RC renewed & address changed

I had to renew the registration of my first car, a 15-year-old Skoda Octavia.

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It was time to renew the registration of my 15-year-old Skoda Octavia. It's my first car and in perfect condition, and hopefully, my next car will be an EV, so decided to renew my RC.

I'm a huge fan of Telangana RTA. The workflows are smooth and online, making agents obsolete. However, there were some details I wanted to share to help anyone else looking to do the same.

Some useful resources:

  • Telangana RTA website
  • RTA m-Wallet App. For storing digital copies of your DL, RC, etc.
  • T App Folio App. For several services online without visiting the RTA office.


Renew my RC and update the address, since I had moved houses in the last 15 years.

Option 1

First change the address on the old RC, and then renew the RC.

This would ideally be the path chosen, however, there are some details you need to be aware of.

  1. The address can be changed using the T App Folio without visiting the RTA office.
  2. If you want to change the address from one district to another (RTA office change), you will need a NOC from the current RTA. This can also be obtained online with the T Folio App.
  3. However, both the above points are only applicable if you have a registration card with your photo on it. I think they started printing smart cards with photos only in the last 5-6 years.
  4. So, in my case, I couldn't do this online as I had an older RC card.
  5. In order to get NOC in an offline manner, you will also need a Police Clearance certificate.

Option 2

  • First, get the RC renewed.
  • The new RC will contain your photo.
  • Now change the address and the NOC online from the T Folio app without visiting the RTA again.

Given the long process of option 1, I went ahead with option 2. Although option 2 is slightly more expensive since you are getting charged twice for the RC printing and mailing.

Renewing your RC

  • Go to the RTA website and book your slot for RC renewal.
  • Pay the required fee. It's about 5.6K + another 5K green tax.
  • Take a printout of Form 25, insurance copy, PUC copy, RC, and Address proof. Carry the original RC with you.
  • Go to the RTA at the allocated time. Give the official all the documents and the counter.
  • They will verify it and ask you to go to the inspector for inspecting the vehicle.
  • The inspector will ask you to trace the chassis number on the page. Carry a pencil with you.
  • After that, the inspector will inspect the car, ask you to read aloud the chassis number, and then sign the form.
  • Go back to the counter and submit the docs.
  • They will give a receipt with the application number.
  • Take the slip to the photo counter and get your pic taken.
  • Go home.
  • You can check the status of the application from the RTA website.
  • For me, by evening the card was printed and dispatched. You can access the new RC card in the RTA m-Wallet app.

Overall, the process hardly took 20 mins and all the officials were super professional. Once the new RC card was available in m-wallet, I applied for the NOC and address change from the T App Folio.

Hope this helps.

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