Headlamp upgrade on my Maruti Ritz: Looking for suitable options

The new headlamps should be suitable for highway driving as well.

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Hey guys,

Looking for a headlight upgrade for our Ritz. With the Safari around, it hasn't seen much of highways, but it may have to soon. Hence looking for a light that's suitable for highways.

Spoke to a person in this field and he said that LED lights would not help on highways, and the stock set-up is adequate for the city. Another option is to change the cutout of the main headlamp and put in stronger halogen bulbs.

I have read in many places that making the foglamp LED could solve the case. Does this hold good?

Please let me know about the best option. Thanks in Advance.

Here's what BHPian audioholic had to say on the matter:

Low budget: Get a wiring kit and 100/90W halogens.

High budget: HID/LED projector retrofit

Ultimate combo: Upgrade fog lights to projectors and keep the main beam as 100/90 halogens. This has been the best setup I have ever used so far.

I would not waste my money on LED lights in reflectors no matter what they promise since they cause unnecessary waste of light due to glare and irritation to oncoming users.

Here's what BHPian silversteed had to say on the matter:

I would go with the above approach, with one additional point:

The "High budget" option is not worth the risks - the difficulties involved in just getting a reliable ballast and HID combo / LED unit (unless the budget is for the big names such as Osram or Philips), getting the sealing right after opening up the headlights, having the projector aligned, getting the burner socket aligned, followed by the risk of water ingress, and finally not having a spare in hand when the unthinkable happens - they're simply too much for a car used regularly.

Adding a relay and changing the halogen bulbs to 100/90 or even 130/110 - that'll sort out most of the problems. Throw in a pair of projector fogs and/or aux lamps (the sky is the limit for that, and so is the budget), and it'll brighten up the prospects.

First and foremost - a clean headlamp lens and windshield help immensely, so it's prudent to keep cleaning them regularly on long drives.

Here's what BHPian n_aditya had to say on the matter:

I have a 2013 Ritz ZDi and have clocked over 92k km.

The stock headlights are terrible and I changed the bulbs initially to Osram Nightbreaker (the same spec as OEM but was advertised and recommended for higher light output and spread). While the light output was much better than the stock bulbs, the life of the bulbs was very poor. I must have changed them at least 2-3 times before switching to Philips Xtreme Vision in the same OEM rating and the Philips ones are way better than Osram in terms of life and light output. I could drive comfortably at night on the highway with these bulbs.

Take a look at these links:

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If you can spend some money, get good quality projectors installed in your headlights with HIDs and not LEDs. Check out, Morimoto. They were the favourite before these Chinese brands started flooding the market.

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