Honda Accord likely to be recalled

Honda is likely to recall its premium sedan - Accord sold before 2007 in India. This recall is a part of the global recall initiative due to potential airbag inflator defects.

The Honda Accord has been on sale since 2001 in India and has sold around 27,000 units so far. Honda is yet to determine the number of cars which are eligible for the driver side airbag inflator replacement. An official confirmation by the company is still awaited.

The airbag supplier - Takata Corporation has taken responsibility and is willing to support the car manufacturers to replace the faulty airbags. Multiple cars companies have been affected by this defect which includes Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, BMW and Chrysler. 

The automobile industry has witnessed recalls of over 7.6 million units globally, in the last 5 years due to airbag defects. 

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