How to get Android Auto on any car or bike under Rs. 10,000

Calls are received as normal with your car's microphone and speaker setup working flawlessly.

BHPian dkaile recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

DIY: Getting ANDROID AUTO Screen on my Skoda Superb 2012 / BMW R1250 GSA for under 10k - 11-05-2024

Now as I had mentioned on my Skoda Superb Thread (Skoda Superb - A tryst with destiny) - I was looking to upgrade my car with a Android Auto Screen WITHOUT compromising on the OE sound quality of my Bolero Stereo.

As I had mentioned

So the problem remains as it is as I am still apprehensive to remove this beautifully sounding stereo. I am doubtful if I will get clear radio reception with the single connector (coming nowadays) that is attached to these twin antenna connectors by a Fakra adapter. So is it the best option for me to keep on using Android Auto on my phone, as I have been doing for nearly a decade now and listen to Spotify through bluetooth? Or is there some practical and high quality but low cost option available? For another day!!

In continuation with the above, I found a solution that could work as mentioned in this video

I mainly followed instructions of the above video to get WIRELESS Android Auto for my car. But you can also have a look at these 3 video series by YouTuber Akshay Pai which helped me to set Pixel Density to 250, which I found perfect for my setup and also to Disable Audio Sink to make the sound output come directly through my car's stereo / my Samsung Buds on the bike -

(Please click on links in the above video to see Part 2 and Part 3 of this series, IF you need to)

Now my wife had recently upgraded to S23 FE in the recent Flipkart Sale, from her 4 year old Samsung A71. What a beautiful piece of art this is with all glass and aluminum finish. But now looks like a iPhone though

So after transferring the data and formatting the phone, this A71 (on the left) was now lying free with us, at literally zero cost, for this upgrade -

Now since I did NOT have a spare Android Tablet lying around, I went ahead and purchased the most basic WiFi one - Samsung Tab A9 (8.7" screen) for Rs. 8431/- (MRP 14,999/-) on zero EMI from the Amazon Sale that was also running concurrently -

My wife immediately took to Media Consumption on it and it can be quite good at that, when not in use in the car, as the entire setup is plug and play in a jiffy -

Putting it next to the stock Superb Stereo -

And a virtual size comparison of this 9 incher vs the 6.5" on the stock -

Next important thing needed was a high quality and sturdy Car Mount. I went with this one from Amazon for Rs. 1360/- -

Front view. Can accommodate devices from 4" to 11" -

The A9 mounted on it -

A side view of the mounting structure -

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