How my experience with my Kiger changed from bad to wonderful in a year

Initially, I found it very hard to like let alone love my car but later realised that it's a very good package of the things that matter.

BHPian sid_sawhney recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

When I bought my Kiger a year ago, it immediately seemed like a rushed decision to me. I was irked by the quality of the interiors, the awkward interior finishing between door panels and windows, the tucked-in seatbelt fasteners, oh and the awful brake noise.

I would sit in cabs and realize how cars which are significantly less priced just felt better finished. Given the fact, I had been longing for a car for quite some time and how so many 'very visible' elements were not to my liking, I found it very hard to like (let alone love my car). It's a terrible feeling to feel like that about something that you love.

To add, my first service experience was worse. They messed up my DRL, couldn't do anything about the brake noise and had poor QA overall. I am now overly skeptical of Renault's service and am anxious about my 1-year/10k service which is due this month.

But having said that, now it's been a year and I've been on plenty of rides with my Kabira (yep, that's what I and my wife have named it). I've gotten around to its faults. After constant complaints to the service guys, the brake noise has slightly gotten down. I've gotten used to the panel gaps and weird unlocking mechanism. I think what has helped me is that everybody who has driven or sat in my car has really liked it.

At first glance, the centre console does amps up the interior giving it a plush look. It's spacious, offers a smooth ride and coasts over terrible roads. And finally, my wife loves it. So she is always showering praises on the car. It's also the car that she has learned how to drive on.

Aside from all these external acknowledgements, what I've realized is that in day-to-day usage the Kiger forms an excellent package. And those things really matter once you really get to use your car. Interiors can be spruced up through minor upgrades, they can be kept fresh through regular cleaning and shining but what matters eventually is whether it drives well - everywhere, every time with or without people.

And that's what I've realized over the one year of having the Kiger. It's just a very good package of the things that matter.

  • A generally sorted car which can be quite exciting as soon as you put it on sports mode
  • A really spacious car which can accommodate five reasonable-sized adult people
  • A really spacious boot
  • Ability to take on any road
  • Sexy looks
  • Android Auto+Car Play with above average sound
  • Lots of storage!

Every time I drive the car I derive benefit from almost (if not all) the above listed which makes it a wonderful experience for me and everyone seated in the car. And I know whatever irks me, can be fixed through updates which I can look forward to in the future.

So, through my ramble, if I can leave you with something... Give it a little bit of time and make some memories with the car. You'll find that you've made a pretty sensible decision and the things that irk you now will irk you lesser and lesser over time.

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