How my Mahindra Scorpio-N left me stranded due to a DPF issue

Service center checked for rat bites and did not find anything. They mentioned regeneration had failed which caused this issue.

BHPian Dodge_Viper recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Not a good sight to see your car on flatbed, but it happened. While returning from Satara towards Pune after about 30kms OBD Telltale sign came up on screen and car lost power. It went into limp home mode and was not revving beyond 2200-2500 rpm. Immediately pulled over and stopped the car. Tried the restart method but the sign didn't go. Meanwhile had the OBD2 device plugged in so tried to scan for error codes. Got the below error related to turbocharger.

After this I got the DPF is clogged error which stayed for sometime and then went off mysteriously.

I also saw the foam padding bitten off by rat and suspected some wire cuts which caused this.

Service center checked for rat bites and did not find anything. They mentioned regeneration had failed which caused this issue. They did it manually and have returned the car.

Now the question is, if people can help:

As per manual:

Regeneration is triggered automatically according to vehicle driving conditions which burns the accumulated particles/soot from the DPF. The process is called as DPF Active Regeneration.

However, if the vehicle continues to be driven in the below conditions the accumulated soot may not be automatically removed because of low exhaust gas temperatures.

1. Heavy traffic driving conditions, especially in the city

2. Frequent short trips

3. Low speed for a long time

When more than a certain amount of soot gets deposited, the DPF telltale turns ON along with the DPF clogged alert.

If the DPF telltale turns ON when driving the vehicle, it indicates that the DPF regeneration has not occurred successfully. At this moment, we suggest DPF regeneration must be done as mentioned below:

Take the vehicle to an empty stretch of road/highway and drive for 20 – 30 mins @ speeds above 60 km/hr until the telltale turns off.

If the DPF telltale starts blinking, perform DPF park regeneration following the below procedure.

If theD OBD telltale is ON & DPF telltale blinking. Stop the vehicle and contact the nearest Authorised Mahindra dealer for assistance.

When active regeneration is happening, is there any sort of direct or indirect indication given anywhere? As per Service Advisor he says I might have stopped the vehicle when active regen was in progress. In these 8700kms I have not observed any kind of DPF or DEF related indications.

I directly got the OBD telltale sign and DPF clogged alert hence it had to be towed away. So ideally before it got completely clogged up there are 2 stages as per manual:

Only DPF sign is on while driving: It means regen has not occurred and it must be done by driving on empty stretch at 60+ kms/h

DPF sign starts blinking: Stop car and perform park regen

OBD and DPF sign on: Tow it to service center

For my case it was directly OBD first and then DPF. How are other Scorpio owners handling this? Out of my 8700 kms 95% was pure highway driving.

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