How rain & wet shoes gave me a scare in my Honda Jazz AT

When I hit the brakes after sometime, my foot slid off the brake and hit the accelerator.

BHPian sridhu recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The other day I found a new failure mode in my Jazz:

It was raining and I crossed the parking lot to get into the car. My shoes were wet.

When I hit the brakes after sometime, my foot slid off the brake and hit the accelerator. The car jumped forward, but I could recover fast enough that I did not hit anything. It was bad that my Jazz is an automatic and hence reacted immediately. The good thing was that it was a Jazz automatic and hence the famous rubber band effect meant that it resulted mostly in just racing the engine!

Could have been worse with a lot more serious consequences.

Please be careful when you get into the car while it is wet outside. I think both the shoe & the pedal being wet is the root cause for this proto-accident.

I always wondered how anyone with some experience can "hit the accelerator instead of the brakes". This is one way.

Here's what BHPian fhdowntheline had to say on the matter:

Its possible that your floor mat has something to do with it. Some types of rubber mats or even paper covers (the kind used by service centres ) are often culprits. I hate the paper covers as they always seem to foul my foot ergonomics. I always get them removed from the drivers footwell.

Here's what BHPian harry10 had to say on the matter:

This is why I keep a cloth in the side pocket. Once I am inside the car I gently give the shoes a wipe so they won't slip while driving. I also judiciously check the floor mat if they are tangling with accelerator or brakes. I had an experience like yours years back so I do understand the fright you have experienced. In my case too no harm was done luckily.

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