Hyundai Alcazar completes 9 months: Full stats, niggles & add-ons

The car is perfect for both city and highway usage. I have a 50-50% highway vs city usage.

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20,000 km, 9 months Update

  • Completed 20,000 km in 9 months in my Alcazar Signature Diesel AT 6 seater last week.
  • Should say, I am overall happy with the entire package. The car is perfect for both city and highway usage. I have a 50-50% highway vs city usage.

Some stats:

  • Mileage: (Full-to-Full Tank method)
  • Overall mileage - 12.2 km/l.
  • Avg Highway mileage - 17 km/l (tough to maintain below 100 km/h)
  • Avg City mileage - Varies a lot between 10 km/l to 17 km/l

Service Costs:

  • 1st Free service: NIL
  • 2nd Free service: INR 3500
  • Wheel Balancing and Alignment Cost @10,000 km: INR 2000
  • 3rd Free service: INR 4700

Running Costs:

  • Fuel cost: INR 148,000
  • Avg Cost per KM: INR 7.152


  1. The ICE hung up on Dec 31 and did not power down when the car was switched off. Used the reset button to reset it. No issues post that.
  2. The hatch door lock made some noise when going over huge potholes. 3rd service took care of it.
  3. The wiper is noisy. Very noisy. Replaced blades under warranty. Still, noise persists.
  4. Fuel injectors changed under warranty at around 10K kms. Noticed a lot of juddering and was replaced FOC under warranty.

Diesel Particulate Filter:

  • Had to regenerate once based on a warning on the console. Took about 20 minutes and no issues since then.

Add ons:

  1. 7D mats from Hyundai
  2. Motorola MA1 - for android auto wireless
  3. My Transcend DP200 from my old car. Needs an upgrade for the pic quality.
  4. Aftermarket Boot mat from Kia seltos (as I have the last row folded down). Covers 90% of the area of the boot.

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