Experience: Attempted a 1000 km ride on my Honda Activa 6G scooter

My Activa was killing it. No jerking, no issues, just smooth sailing. I made sure to give it plenty of rest stops along the way, as well as for myself.

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Well, attempting a 1000KM endurance ride on a lower cc engine and an uncomfortable vehicle for longrides like the Activa is like trying to climb Mount Everest in flip flops. It's possible, but you might end up questioning your life choices along the way!

Was it possible in the first place? That's a question that haunted me for so long, but in my youthful foolishness, I decided to give it a shot anyway. So I hopped on my trusty Activa 6g and set out to answer the age-old question of whether a low-powered scooter can handle a long-distance journey.

Wait, I should be prepared for such ride isn't?

I knew I had to prepare myself both mentally and physically for this long scooter ride. Mentally, I've been excited and eager for it, having thought about it for a long time. Physically, I'm a fitness enthusiast and did a lot of mobility and core exercises to strengthen my back for the ride.

Now, I have to choose the location for my upcoming weekend getaway. Yercaud, a charming mini hill station, is a popular choice among Chennai residents. The roads are in great shape, the weather is pleasant, and I need to check room availability. The distance to Yercaud is around 750-800 kilometers.

But wait, this is supposed to be a 1000 KM ride. How can I cover 1000 with just Yercaud? Now, for an additional 200 KM, I have a plan. On the return journey, I will take the Ponicherry route. Let's hope for the best and pray to the gods to help my poor back.

So, that's it - the ride is on with my trusty little Activa 6g! However, I need to establish some safety protocols since this isn't like my usual bike rides on my 400cc engine. I can't just zoom past other riders and cars on this scooter, as I might be a bit of a disturbance on the road.

Here are the protocols I've established for myself to ensure my safety during the ride:

  • Never push the engine harder than its limit (maximum speed of 80kmph and do not exceed it).
  • Overtake only when absolutely necessary.
  • No road rage - give way to other vehicles on the road.
  • Take frequent breaks - the destination is just a place to rest and refuel, not a race. So, keep calm and enjoy the ride.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, which will automatically encourage more breaks.
  • Share my live location with my loved ones.
  • Fill up the tank before it reaches reserve.
  • Ride only when I feel alert, and if I feel even slightly drowsy, take a break.

Alright, let's see if my writing skills can match my scooter riding skills!

Day 1:

Time :- 06:15 AM - KM on Display at time of starting - ODO KM - 10094

After riding for an hour, I made my first pit stop and checked the odometer, which read 10,147 kilometers. I had covered a distance of 57 kilometers without any breaks:

Second, stop here for a quick tea break and sit here for almost 30 minutes watching all the vehicles go by, and put a biscuit out for the dog:

At last, it's time to refuel! I rode up to the gas station for the first time on this trip and filled my tank to the brim:

So far, my back and butt have been feeling fantastic on this trip. I was being cautious and didn't stop until I felt some pain, but I couldn't wait any longer. I found a great spot under a tree on the side of the highway, and you know what? I just love parking my bike in the shade and watching the madness unfold. It's like a show! I saw all kinds of cars, some driven like they were on a race track, some driven like they were in a traffic jam, and some interesting trucks with no driver in the driver's seat. Maybe they were ghost trucks:

After riding in Dominar and car through these places, I expected to cover more ground while riding the scooter. But I haven't even crossed Tindivanam yet! It feels like I'm still close to Chennai.

And my energy is getting drained faster. It takes a lot of concentration, especially since the rear view mirror isn't big enough to cover my right side, creating a larger blind spot. With slow speeds and high-speed cars passing me illegally, one wrong hit could make things go south. That's why I was extra careful to keep myself in the corner of the street and not be an obstacle to anyone on the highway.

I'm starving at the moment and stopped at my favorite place for breakfast. Usually, I have breakfast here on most of my trips, but it's already 10 AM. Normally, I would have been here by 8 AM. I went in and ordered a dosa, and it was a delicious breakfast:

A few people understood that I was on a tour with my scooter by looking at my number plate and the way I was carrying myself. Some even went out of their way to check my vehicle after someone pointed me out to them. They kept staring at me, and maybe it was something on my face:

I was cruising down the highway, minding my own business when suddenly, I got lost! But wait, it wasn't the highway I lost myself in; it was my mind! I was so deep in thought, pondering about my future, past, present, and what not:

I think I've covered around 300 kilometers so far.

I stopped under the shades of a tree and had a great time walking around. This time, I got so lost in the moment that I forgot about time and ended up wandering for about 45 minutes:

Its time for the second fuel stop:

And my main hero, Mr. Activa 6G, was killing it! No jerking, no issues, just smooth sailing. I made sure to give him plenty of rest stops along the way, as well as for myself. I was focusing on both of our health throughout this journey. For Mr. Activa, fuel was the top priority, and for me, hydration was key. But let's be real, more water breaks meant more pit stops for me to relieve myself. So much for being a long-distance rider!

Now it's 3:56 PM and I'm near Yercaud. I haven't been very hungry, and to be honest, there haven't been any interesting food stops on the stretch from Ulundurpet to Salem:

Oops, I made a mistake and forgot to close the fuel lid after filling up.

It's an important moment as it's the first time my scooter is going to climb a hill. I couldn't resist taking pictures along the way:

To my surprise, there was no problem in climbing the hill. The pulling power was more than enough for me to reach the top, which was a pleasant surprise. I had previously climbed hills on a 150cc Bajaj V15, which had struggled a bit. But this little guy, my Activa 6g, performed so well:

Finally, I spotted the first signboard of Yercaud in the middle of the route:

One of my favorite places in Yercaud, sitting here in peaceful quietness, thinking about the achievement of riding from there to here on a small vehicle. The sound of birds chirping fills the air, and there is no network in this specific spot on my mobile. Jio may work here, but I use Airtel, and I'm happy to not be distracted by technology. I'll just sit here and watch the beauty of nature and appreciate the little engineering marvel that is my Activa 6g.

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