Hyundai grand i10: Clutch change & other updates at 73000 Km

The car has also seen some minor modifications this year namely MGP Wagon-R footwell lights and Honda City auto dimming IRVM.

BHPian Tanveer02 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So, it’s been some 2 plus years since this thread has had a proper update. Frankly speaking, with two country wide lockdowns happening, and with it the entire life coming to a total halt, the car wasn’t seeing much action either. To put into perspective, pre-lockdown period the car was averaging around 2k kilometers per month, but from the period of March 2020 to March 2022, total running has been around 8k kilometers. Post this, normal running has resumed as did the day to day lives of everyone of us.

Now coming to the topic of what all has changed in this period, the one and only replacement that was done during this period would be the factory clutch, that was replaced at around 62k kilometres. The cost for the entire job was Rs. 6,900 and was carried out at Krishna Hyundai. Post the clutch change, which was carried out in October last year, the car has done some 12k kilometers, and clutch feel has been light enough. But to me, Maruti clutch systems will always be the lightest.

A photo of the bill.

The car has also seen some minor modifications this year namely MGP Wagon-R footwell lights and Honda City auto dimming IRVM that came courtesy of my friend and BHPian Chiranjitp.

The installation was done by him as well as I was certain that with me trying DIY, I'd only end up breaking the car and nothing else

I will be leaving the links to his foot well lights as well as IRVM installation posts as the procedure for installation is mostly the same only.

The blue foot well lights in action. Blue was the choice of colour as the colour of backlit switches was blue as well.

Honda City auto dimming IRVM in action against mobile flashlight. I'm yet to order the cover for the wiring as the locally sourced part on Boodmo went out of stock and the one that comes imported costs some 1.2k rupees vs some 200 bucks of the local one.

Apart from these, the interior dome light, trunk light as well and the number plate lights were changed to white LEDs.

The stock dome light.

The interior after the light upgrade.

The trunk light

The license plate lights

Odo reading as of now

Do note that the interior as well as the trunk lights are of the festoon type, but the license plate lights are T10.

It's during this year's rainy season I've finally come to realize how much I have missed variable intermittent wipers on the Grand i10. After doing some research on the internet, I've come to a conclusion that first gen i20s wiper stalk is a direct fit, and they get variable intermittent function as well. I've ordered the part on Boodmo and will update the thread once/if it fits.

The link for the installation procedure posts:

Link 1

Link 2

During the car's stay of 5+ years with me, it has been Reliable with a capital R. But I did explore upgrade options particularly from the used car market. I actually was in talks with a dealer selling a used S-Cross 1.6 from 2017 but the recent surge in used car prices all over plus my dad's un-willingness to let me drive around in a second hand car meant that this upgrade didn't happen. With the used car upgrade picture out of the way, I've made up my mind that the car is staying at least till a lakh kilometers, and post that only I will be looking at replacement options, used or new.

Signing off with a scenic shot between the lush greens of Kaziranga.

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