Hyundai i20 N Line: Is it worth upgrading the stock tyres

Should I do it just after taking the delivery of my car or some time down the line? I need good handling (cornering) & braking performance.

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Hello everyone, I will be taking delivery of my i20 N8 tomorrow. Just have a few doubts that need clearing up:

  • Is a tyre upgrade necessary? If yes, should I do it just after taking the delivery or some time down the line? I need the braking performance and handling (cornering) to be good.
  • Is there any good way to implement ambient lighting without voiding the warranty? I had these in my previous car, worked ok but was wondering if there is a better option.

Any other things I should keep in mind?

Here's what BHPian ChiragM had to say about the matter:

I was in the same boat as you. I needed good handling and was doubtful of this tyre's performance. However, since I had stretched my budget, I decided to continue with these stock tyres for a while.

I've pushed the car a bit so far and I have had no complaints from the tyre. Had enough grip for what I threw at it, but there was a slight amount of tyre noise at one instance. The tyre is noisy and better rubber should make the ride quieter. I might change when the car hits 20k-30k km. I would say that it is needed but not urgent.

About the ambient lighting, I am not sure what you meant. The car already comes with ambient lighting but in just 1 colour. I am not sure if you missed the feature or if you want to change the colour.

Here's what BHPian johy had to say about the matter:

Congrats, in advance. I think the stock tyres are just okay and decent enough for regular use and occasional spirited driving. If you are a cornering freak, go with Michelin Pilot 4.

Do a proper PDI as per team-bhp's recommendations.

Make sure the air pressure is 33. Too many instances of car delivered with high pressure, me included. The printed manual in the car is a basic manual - the downloaded pdf is much more detailed; just so that you know it.

I would not mess around with ambient lighting or any stuff in a new car.

Enjoy your new car; it will bring you much joy. Oh yes, and do try to top up the gas tank with XP95 fuel; I have found that the car likes this fuel a lot.

Here's what BHPian Ajay Sengupta had to say about the matter:

One more point in favour of the stock CEAT Securadrive tyres is their 2.5 years unconditional warranty which I have used to great advantage shortly after I bought the N Line in October last year.

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