Hyundai Kona EV owners face major battery issues & breakdowns

Multiple Kona EV owners have reported issues with their battery packs leading to breakdowns.

A few Hyundai Kona EV owners on our forum have reported that a warning has come up on the MID related to the car's electrical system, which most often renders it undrivable.

BHPians, NannuBhai, Rossiter and reihem have all reported the same issue. Out of these, only NannuBhai's car can be driven, since the warning disappears once the car is restarted. The other Konas have had to be towed to a service centre. It has been reported that there are several other Kona EVs across the country with the same problem. BHPian ADI7YAK reports that he saw at least 7 stranded Konas at a service centre in Pune when he went to get his car serviced.

It is believed that the issue is with the car's battery system and that the entire battery needs to be replaced due to a fire hazard. Hyundai dealers are awaiting confirmation from South Korea and it could take around a month to replace the batteries on the cars.

In October this year, Hyundai issued a global recall for the Kona EV after multiple fires were reported. Earlier this month, Konas in India were recalled due to faulty battery cells that could catch fire.

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