Innova Hycross is our perfect road trip car: Completes 1 year & 13000km

Even after spirited driving, the Hycross still manages a fuel efficiency between 16-20 km/l.

BHPian turbospooler recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Review so far:

My family loves this reliable workhorse. The sheer comfort one experiences in this due to its smooth powertrain and decent suspension really makes it the first choice. We have been able to plan longer and farther trips due to the Hycross. We have completed 13,000 kms in this as Jazz is our daily driver and Beast makes for the perfect road trip car.

The mileage is great. In the city, I get 18-20 km/l and on highways, it churns out 16-18 km/l. And I am a spirited driver.

A few things I personally dislike is that even after paying 31L, I don't get better quality interiors.

Birthday treats planned: Install the dashcam I bought over 2-3 weeks ago. The beast is cleaned daily, so maybe will plan a proper car spa day for it soon!

Any other ideas on how you would celebrate your vehicle's birthday?

Beast with its brother, i.e. another Beast!

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