Installing the BMW M3/M4 M Performance Steering Wheel on my BMW M340i

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The highlight of this steering wheel is that it has a blue centre marker at the 12 o'clock position & M colour stitching.

BHPian karan561 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

This Video demonstrates the Retrofit Installation of BMW M3/4's (G8X) M Performance Steering Option on my G20 M340i. Complete know-how, FAQs & more details are provided.

You may refer to the interested chapters as per the timestamps provided below;

  • 0:01 - Intro
  • 0:58 - Unboxing/Closer Look
  • 2:28 - Installation (Raw Workshop/Installation sounds, No Music)
  • 3:35 - Final Look & My Thoughts on why I did not opt for M340i's M Performance steering wheel.
  • 7:07 - Final Thoughts about Interior in Harmony / Conclusion.

I ordered this M Performance Steering through Navnit Motors Dealership & it arrived within a week as it was in Stock in India;

Always a special feeling to unbox Car Parts

OE BMW Part No. mentioned & belongs to G8x cars i.e M3 or M4;

Why I ordered the M3/4's M Performance upgrade Part?

Ever since I laid my eyes on the above steering which is an M Performance upgrade option for the M3 / 4 I loved the idea of getting this particular steering wheel for my car.

The highlight of this steering is that it has a blue centre marker @ 12 o'clock position & the M colour stitching whereas the M340i's M Performance steering has a red centre marker and white stitching;


When I was ordering the part i.e. M3/4's M Performance Steering for my M340i this part no. (32 30 2 462 910) did not show its compatibility for M340i, but with the shape being the same I did not understand why it couldn't fit. Hence before ordering, I cross-checked the Airbag part no. & found out that both the M3/4 & M340i use the same airbag (Same part no.) hence that gave me the confidence to go ahead ordering this part. However, BMW Navnit Motors wasn't confident about attempting this retrofit hence the installation was done at BMW Infinity's, Turbhe workshop so special thanks to BHPian & friend Maverick5490 for his support & assistance because this is the 1st such install in India.

Some close-up shots of the new steering wheel before going in

The Airbag / Horn pad coming off;

Both the steering wheels side by side before the child parts from the old steering go onto the new one;

Transfer complete;

As I already explained in the video as there is no Carbon Fibre interior trim in my car hence I did not order those CF child parts. The previous steering's Aluminium finish child parts were refit to maintain continuity to match the Aluminium Tetragonal trim, dashboard, door trims etc. of my car's interior.


Final look

Alcantara on the seats & M tri-colour Seatbelts;

The Interior is now in harmony with this M Performance Steering Upgrade;

Job Well Done

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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