ISBK Racing track day experience at BIC on my Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

From a mighty M1000RR to a done-up R3 everything was spotted at BIC but it was a complete over-representation of BMWs and Panigales.

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Been a while since I update this thread. The 10R has been seeing a lot of tracktime and limited street use since the Ducati joined the garage.

Post a very very enriching experience at California Superbike School in Jan’24 it was time to put those learnings to use. So off we went to BIC with ISBK for a track weekend and boy oh boy what an experience.

If you ride at the racetrack and you haven't ridden at the Buddh circuit then believe me you are really doing yourself and your bike a disservice. The circuit is absolutely world-class, specially after the recent upgrades for MotoGP and it will wow you in almost every way. The first time you arrive, the enormity of it all takes your breath away. The same grandstand from where we saw MotoGP now loomed like a massive goliath when seen from the pits. They have all the infra ready and sorted. Needless to say, the first time you go out on the track, you cannot help but marvel at the thought that you are indeed riding on a MotoGP circuit.

BIC is also a circuit where every single horsepower advantage will manifest spectacularly unlike a tighter circuit like MIC where, I believe, a 400-600cc bike is best placed. At BIC, you will in all likelihood max out the limits of your litre class supersport. Both man and machine pushed to the edge of your capabilities with enough run-off area to give you that confidence in safety (I learned it first hand).

The circuit is fast and the back straight will see you go past the 300 kmph mark in a jiffy right before you slam your brakes to get ready for C4. This circuit will also manifest any gaps in your setup and hardware and put a strain on your brakes and tyres. I did the stupidity of going in with the same set of EBC extreme pro pads that I had run already at MIC while at CSS. Big Mistake! On day 2, just when my pace was picking up, the pads which were now severely depleted just after 1 day of use, heated up and consequently heated up the caliper and the fluid. End result - I brake hard for C11 to realise I have lost all and complete front brake. Fortunately, training kicked in, and thanks to the generous run-off area I managed to bring the bike back into the pits. While for most looking in the pits It would have been funny to see me stop the bike ala Flintstones style with my feet, the incident was quite freaky and an eye-opener on how demanding this circuit is. I am not kidding when I say the mechanics couldn't touch the calipers for at least 30 minutes since they were so hot. And needless to say, when speeds are high and machines are put to their limits the risks shoot up. The quick throttle was such a boon along with the suspension setup that Dave Moss had guided me on. I couldn't help but marvel at how fiery Shredder was out there despite being almost 8 years old. Any upgrade itches I had vanished on Day 1 itself. She still is a mad bike running a potent setup.
Immediately added to the shopping list were front winglets (she kept popping power wheelies on the back straight on full gas) and Cf brake cooling ducts

From a mighty M1000RR to a done-up R3 everything was spotted at BIC but it was a complete over representation of BMWs and Panigales (both of which had their dedicated pits setups. Big time J all of us poor Japanese folks were)

I can recommend the Radisson hotel in Greater Noida as a good stay option considering its proximity and please do choose a self-drive car instead of depending on cabs. Also, the circuit is very particular about their processes and safety so please keep all things and paperwork in mind. I, fortunately, had a support team from Hexxcode for trackside assistance who were helpful in taking care of everything on the bike when it was parked between sessions. A shoutout to my good friends at ISBK for organising a good weekend for us all.

The only pain points - the plug point for tyre warmers are of the industrial type and there is no fuel bunk within miles of the racetrack so you better come prepared with your fuel backup.

I honestly cannot wait to go back and I keep wondering how will riding at Chennai ever match up to this experience at least on a litre.

Cheers to more fun. Leaving you with some insane shots taken by some very talented photographers.

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