Issues in my brand-new Compass: Water seeping in from IRVM area & more

I have already mailed my experience to Jeep but have not heard from them yet.

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Hello, esteemed community members.

A little background about myself - I am in my early 30s and like everyone on this forum, I love anything with wheels on it. This year itself, I completed my Masters's in Finance and decided to treat myself to what else, but a new car!

Currently, in my garage, I have a Mahindra XUV 500 (AT) - 2016, Ford EcoSport Titanium (AT) 2019 and a newly acquired Jeep Compass Model S Diesel (AT). I am a huge fan of high-end diesels and wish to acquire at least 2 more diesels before the world moves to the era of EVs. I stay in NCR, but cannot imagine driving a petrol. So with that in mind, I bought the Jeep on July 22nd.

Below is the list of all the issues I have been facing with my ride.

  • Within 16 hours of taking delivery of the vehicle from Jeep Landmark, Mohan Industrial Area, I was at the Okhla service centre on July 23rd as there was a squeaking noise from the suspension (front right). They changed the link rod and some other suspension parts due to which the issue was resolved. The noise was so prominent that even my better half was able to hear it (she doesn't drive as of now). Even after Jeep's assurance that the issue has been resolved, I still feel I hear that noise on uneven roads, potholes and rumble strips at times. No one else in the car has ever heard the noise. I am not sure if this is something going on in my own head or if it really exists. I shall be getting the same checked once my car is picked up today for other issues, which I am highlighting below.
  • On August 14th, I was driving in the rain and there was water entering the cabin from the IRVM area. I was shocked to see this and also reached out to the Customer Relations Manager of Jeep who assured me that this will be checked. I am sure this water seepage is from the front windshield and not the sunroof area.
  • The ventilated seat (driver side) function is always "On" once I start the vehicle, I thought this to be a software issue and called the service centre and to my surprise, their reply was, “This is a feature of the car”. Really? What happens in winter as the seats are only cooled? Are all Compass Model S owners facing this issue or am I the only lucky one to have this useless feature activated? Any insight from Model S owners would be really helpful.

I have already mailed my experience to Jeep, but have not heard from them yet. They have promised that the car would be picked up today i.e. August 16th for a checkup of the issues and I have asked them not to carry out any repairs on the vehicle in my absence as I am only sending the vehicle for a diagnosis first. Kindly provide your expertise on how can I get this resolved and ensure my experiences are highlighted for any potential buyer of the Jeep Compass.

Thanks for reading.

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I bought a Compass Model S 4x4 a week back and I don't see any seat vent issue. The seat A/C vent state persists across restarts.

AutoStop doesn't get saved and always turns on when the car is started. I was told that this is expected behaviour.

Here's what BHPian sunikkat had to say about the matter:

First of all congratulations on your Master's and new Compass, it’s a great car.

I agree all of these issues are really frustrating on a brand new car. But for me, the second issue is the heights of lack of QC from Jeep. Even the cheapest of cars wouldn’t have such basic issues. The car is not even able to stop water from entering the cabin in rain, and Jeep advertises this as a product with water-wading capabilities.

And of late there are many such niggles popping up in Compass, many in this forum alone.

Hope they sort all of these to your satisfaction.

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