Jagdish Khattar (Carnation) releases a statement

Ex-Maruti MD Jagdish Khattar has issued an official statement in response to reports of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filing an FIR against him in a Rs. 110 crore bank fraud case.


“Carnation Auto was a first mover to create an open multi-brand auto solutions platform for customers whose cars were outside warranty period and who felt pinched by high maintenance costs. It unfortunately became a bonafide business failure on account of many reasons including cartelization by auto majors by non-supply of genuine parts.

Carnation was a board managed company with the highest ethical standards and best management practices. Some of the most reputed investors in the country including Premji Invest and Gaja Capital were board members who, in their own interest, kept a tight vigil on its operations and finances. Each financial decision was based on comprehensive business plans and approvals. The company was finally sold to Mahindra Group. Post its failure as a business, an exhaustive and detailed independent forensic audit at the behest of the bankers under the resolution professional was conducted by a leading independent auditor and nothing was found amiss. Having found no lapses in operations or financial management the Bank has referred the matter to CBI as a part of the process followed by them. The company has not indulged in any wrongdoing. A search was conducted by CBI but nothing incriminating was found.

“I had invested my life savings in the company. I understand the bank is following a process. I have always made myself available and will continue to fully cooperate with all the agencies. The claims being made were examined in great detail during the forensic audit and we provided satisfactory replies on each. We were cleared in the forensic audit on each count. I have no doubt we will be vindicated again once the investigation is completed,” said Jagdish Khattar.

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