Consistent spam calls after my new car purchase leave me frustrated

Approximately 45 days prior to my insurance expiry date I get a barrage of calls from all existent and non-existent insurance companies.

BHPian samyD recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Sharing my experience with spam/scam calls:

Purchased a Tata Nexon in August 2020. Since then getting following calls on a regular basis:

Top up loan from a private bank whose abbreviated name starts with H and ends with C: Have politely declined, warned, scolded, blasted them over the phone but I guess they use my number as a training session for new joinees. I always get the call every couple of months from a new number and a different person. I stopped taking notes of their names once my list went in double digits. Now I simply don't care and disconnect rudely.

Free 2N3D holiday at a resort of my choice from a holiday company whose other group company manufacturers SUVs such as Scorpio, XUV etc.: These guys were smart and would be ready to go extra mile just to convince me to come on that free holiday where they can pester me to take their membership plans. Finally I found a point during my calls with them which was in violation of their requirements and hence they couldn't go ahead with my name. After using that particular point for 2-3 times, these people have given up on me. Last call from these guys was almost a year ago.

Personal loan from (complete the phrase: Satyam...Shivam...########): These guys are also very persistent. Even when I once warned the other guy about a police complaint, the other guy simply challenged me to do so and hung up. Talk about confidence. I hang up rudely nowadays.

Approximately 45 days prior to my insurance expiry date I get a barrage of calls from all existent and non-existent insurance companies. These people shamelessly start spamming on WhatsApp as well with quotations and offers. I have stopped replying on WhatsApp and started blocking their numbers. Have built patience to politely decline each and every offer. However if they ask me reason behind my rejection I (politely of course) remind them that I'm not obliged to give them any.

I still get calls from 2-3 TaMO service centres in Pune regarding my car being due for servicing. I also get SMSs and WhatsApp messages. Have learnt to ignore messages and politely decline calls.

Slightly OT: Had purchased a refrigerator from Croma during June 2022. Received a call during April 2023 from 'croma' that I had been selected for a special gift and I was told to choose between 4-5 items such as iPhone, laptop etc. I entertained the girl for a few minutes and realised she had all of my details.

Played dumb for few more minutes. The girl then transferred my call to accounts department who guided me to the actual croma website. By now I was impressed with their level of training and ability to convince me. But at the time of payment she provided me a Google pay number with banking name being displayed as 'croma'. She very confidently said it's a faster mode of payment and the account is legit as can be seen in Google pay. I played dumb for few more minutes and asked her about her family and earning. Then I offered her a job with twice her current earning. She lost her composure for well over a minute. Then she somehow recovered and requested me to make the payment. I calmly told her I'm not going to make any payment. She then requested me to hang up, I obliged.

I realised after reading this thread that leakage can be the RTO database. I thought it was the showroom and TaMo.

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