Sold my Ford Fiesta after 2.1 lakh km and bought a VW Virtus AT

We opted for a MY2023 Virtus with a manufacturing month of October, available at a tempting discount of ₹1.2 lakhs.

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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a Virtus Highline AT 1.0, a decision prompted by bidding farewell to my beloved 2010 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI. The Fiesta, with over 2.1 lakh km on the odometer, was a faithful companion, but it reached a point where several critical components, including the clutch assembly, demanded attention frequently that extended to the brakes, suspensions, AC coil replacements, and more, necessitating a replacement.

In our pursuit of a new sedan, the Hyundai Verna didn't quite meet the family's aesthetic preferences IMHO, and although the Honda City was considered, my longstanding desire for a German sedan led us to choose between the Skoda Slavia and the Volkswagen Virtus. The latter captured our hearts at first sight, and thus, the decision was made.

We opted for a MY2023 Virtus with a manufacturing month of October, available at a tempting discount of ₹1.2 lakhs. The seamless delivery process on January 24th from Volkswagen Coimbatore, which kept to their timelines, added to our satisfaction.

Having covered 500km in my new Virtus so far which includes 300km on highways and the rest of the drives in Coimbatore city, here are my initial impressions:


  • German Build Quality: While not surpassing the robustness of Ventos and Polos, the Virtus exhibits superior build quality compared to many cars in the current generation.
  • Well-Designed Interiors: The interior design aligns with my preferences, offering a practical layout. Switch placements and indicator stalks are well-thought-out, a nod to my previous Fiesta experience.
  • Smooth and Powerful Engine: The engine impresses with its smooth performance. Even with a light foot, overtaking is effortless thanks to brisk power delivery.
  • Spacious Trunk: The trunk space, possibly not the largest in the segment, suits my needs. It accommodates the luggage of my family of four comfortably.


  • Suspension Concerns: This is a big letdown since we chose Virtus for its road behaviour. Unlike the impressive suspension in the test drive car, mine seems unsettled on road patches, producing noticeable thuds and keeping the passengers busy. I've checked the tyre pressure multiple times, even reducing it to 30 psi, but the issue persists. Should I be concerned or does it improve over time?
  • Brake Noise: Upon applying brakes, I notice a subtle rattling noise from the front and the noise diminishes with speed reduction as the car comes to a halt. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?
  • AC Hissing Noise: The AC emits a recurring hissing noise every 10-15 seconds, resembling a snake underneath the blower. In the quiet cabin, it becomes increasingly annoying. I did see several posts regarding this. Has anyone been able to rectify it?
  • Inadequate Headlamps: The low beams feel insufficient, prompting me to consider upgrading the halogen fogs to LEDs to help the cause. Any recommendations from those who have already made this modification?

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