Virtus GT 1.5 DSG: Why I think it's a logical upgrade from the Polo

The 1.5L TSI paired with DSG is by far the best engine gearbox combo in the segment.

BHPian GrandTourer recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took a longish test drive of the 1.5 TSI DSG today in Bangalore and thought would share some of the things I liked, and disliked and a few things I found mildly infuriating.

I had gone for my HSRP fitment for my Polo to KUN VW, JP Nagar where I enquired about the Virtus GT. A very professional and helpful Mr. Mohammed Saleem helped me with the details, but since the TD vehicle had gone out to another prospect, I couldn't take a test drive then. So today, he got the car to Bellandur, a good 12 km from his dealership, and gave me a 10km test drive.Shoutout to Saleem for going the extra mile.

Coming to the test drive, the TD vehicle was fairly new and had run only 10k kms so far, and was well maintained and clean. Kudos to KUN VW.

Here's what I liked:

  • The 1.5L TSI paired with DSG is by far the best engine gearbox combo in the segment. Coming from 1.2 TSI, the big brother is even more exhilarating to drive
  • The suspension is very good at handling bad roads. I took the TD on a road I usually travel on in the Polo and there was a world of difference. Also, took the Bellandur Lake road at a decent click (empty weekday afternoon), and the car handled quite well. For those who know this road, it is a series of decent bends and a good tarmac. Of course, nothing close to testing a car like Virtus for handling, but the road gives a good perspective since I drive quite often on it
  • The seats are very comfortable, both front and rear. Although the rear seats felt a little low to me or lacked under-thigh support.
  • Braking performance was good, and nothing compared to what I have come to experience from the TVS brakes on my Polo. I was pleasantly surprised and hopefully, these don't warp as early as the ones on the Polo.
  • AC is very capable & ventilated seats are a boon. Took the TD at 12:30, and the car kept me cool
  • The space at the rear is very good. I'm 5'10'' and I could sit easily behind my driving seat with enough wiggle room for my knees and foot
  • Paddle shifters are very convenient for that quick overtake

Things that I disliked:

  • Everything is touch-sensitive. Thankfully VW listened to customers and is reverting back to buttons. But current models probably won't get that
  • The armrest is essentially just a lid for the storage beneath. Even in a fully forward position, I couldn't rest my arms and hold the steering at the same time
  • Not a fan of the body colored dashboard trim. At least it's only on the red car. The white one gets a silver insert instead, thankfully!
  • Could have given soft touch material on the dash and door for a 24L car. Creta, Hector and a few others do, and Verna too I think

Things I found mildly infuriating (mostly cost-cutting in the wrong places):

  • One touch-up-down window for driver only. My 6yo Polo has it all around
  • That puny little horn... Why VW!!
  • Is it just me or has plastic quality gone down compared to the previous decade of VWs?
  • No mute button on the steering wheel. You gotta fiddle with the touch screen. Even Saleem wasn't sure where it was until the younger associate accompanying him informed us to press (ugh touch) the power button on the screen to mute/unmute
  • There's a button on the steering on the left side that is not connected to any function, and nor can we do it in the settings

Still, with all the dislikes and irks, the pros far outweigh the cons, and this seems like a logical upgrade from the Polo. Soon!

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