Jeep Compass windows make strange sounds when on uneven roads

I had given my Compass to the service center a few months back to check suspension and back then they said there is no issue.

BHPian di1in recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I’ve been getting these sounds as if there is load applied onto the glass in my Compass when I go on uneven terrain. It was much smaller earlier with just one or two “tick” sounds but now there are dozens coming in from both sides and it sounds like a creaking rope bridge when there’s wind.

This video might help hear the sound at higher volumes.

Any idea on what this could be? Is it the suspension, although the sound seems to be coming from the windows.

I had given my Compass to the service center a few months back to check suspension and back then they said there is no issue.

Here's what BHPian d3mon had  to say on the matter:

The Jeep compass seems to have too much flex in its bodyshell, due to a lack of overall chassis rigidity.

It was the only car in a large group test of 12 medium sized SUVs to fail a simple door closing test, with one of the wheels hanging in the air. This condition was enough to cause the door not to close properly, due to the excessive flexing in the body.

I wonder if anyone with an Indian compass can recreate this test and confirm that this occurs in the Indian Compass too. If it does, it will explain all the creaks, rattles and weird sounds that so many compass owners have been complaining about. With so much chassis flex, these sounds are inescapable and will never have a proper fix.

Watch from about 4:45 in this video.

Here's what BHPian kushagra452 had to say on the matter:

A few rattles and sounds are part of the deal. Don't let these sounds spoil your ownership experience. Very few people in India can afford a Jeep Compass. You have bought a truly special car/SUV. Any car driven on uneven roads is bound to suffer from mechanical stress and strain. These sounds seems pretty normal to me.

Here's what BHPian boniver had to say on the matter:

The exact same noise is in my 2004 Santro Xing and it comes from the rear. It's due to the tailgate lock not working properly and hence the gate rattles and sometimes even unlocks itself. Maybe you can check if all the doors of your car are closing and locking properly.

Here's what BHPian arun_josie had to say on the matter:

This is not from suspension. Most probably from the dashboard or maybe even from bonnet. I get a very similar sound but very intermittent and could never replicate this at the service center. So, from my description of the sound, they said it must be from the dashboard defrost vent. Only difference from the way you have described is, mine comes randomly irrespective of the road condition and it disappears in no time.

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