Leaking windshield in my Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Whenever I brake hard, the centre console gets a nice wash from the water accumulated on the false ceiling area near the IRVM.

BHPian sachinpk recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A year back my car's original windshield had to be replaced after a stone hit. Got it repaired at an authorised servicing centre and paid via insurance. Now nearly 8 months after that, I found that there is water leakage through the top part - the section above the windshield.

I first noticed this during a trip within Bangalore city when there was a continuous downpour. The same happened again last weekend when I drove down to coastal Karnataka where there was heavy rainfall.

The water is also getting accumulated on the false ceiling area just above the rearview mirror. And when I brake hard, the front console (Ganesha idol, the A/C vents, stereo set) gets a nice wash.

Is there a quick way to fix this? Or does it involve removing the windshield and relaying it? To be frank, I am not very keen on approaching the authorised service centre again (they were too slow last time, and looks like have also done a shoddy job).

Here's what BHPian Leoshashi had to say on the matter:

While I don't doubt your observation, the leak may also be caused due to antenna seal which is immediately above the centre roof console. It's fairly common if the seal gets dislodged or damaged due to age. Get it checked first.

Removing the sunshades and centre console and then lowering the roofline a bit will give a clearer picture. Then take any action accordingly.

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