Living with an electric bicycle: My Priority Current e-bike

The price of the bike is $3,299 and they offered free shipping.

BHPian mobike008 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

While I wait for my dream EV on 4-wheels to arrive  :

I thought of getting a 2-wheeled version to experience how it rides, feels and most importantly live with it. Last week I brought home one of the most popular e-bikes here in the US- Priority Current


  • High Quality Components (Feels like an Apple/Tesla of E-Bikes)
  • Excellent Performance with top speed of 28mph (45kmph)
  • Design is clean, traditional and timeless
  • Digital Screen is flushed with features
  • Smooth and Noiseless to ride


  • Range is disappointing which is ~ 35 miles (55 kms)
  • Throttle as an option would have been nice at this price
  • Seat isn’t comfortable. Need to find solutions to make it comfortable for longer rides
  • Tight turns is a challenge as it likes lazy wide sweeping ones

A few pics at a lake on the trail behind home.


Due to pandemic, I gained weight significantly and have been struggling ever since to lose weight.

I realized that dieting and staying away from good food and drinks is not possible as apart from my favorite slogan "Live to Drive", I also go by "Live to Eat"

Which means, I have to increase burning of calories. Btw, Gym is not for me, I hate being confined in a room and pumping weights.

So I decided to try what most PNW’er does- Hiking + Biking

Washington as a state is an extremely active for outdoor activities . Normally, on weekends people go to movies, malls, restaurants etc. Here in WA, people plan hiking, camping, biking trips etc. And, craze is so much that most of the hike trails, campsites are usually full for several weeks in advance. Parking at trails is really tough if you reach late morning. All this excitement is right up my alley.

I was excited to see the awesome enthusiasm and some inspiring posts (local groups) on hiking and biking and decided to give both a try. Btw, Redmond, Washington is known as the "Bicycling Capital of PNW" apart from fact that Washington is 3rd most bicycle populist state in USA.

I tried both. (We’ll leave hiking out of this thread as I plan to start a dedicated thread on hiking ( have done 3 of them till date and, it's got me hooked like riding).

What added to the decision making is discovery "after" we bought our new home that we have a 40-mile trail 300 meters from our main door.

Bought a cheap $175 regular bike to practice biking on this beautiful trail behind home.

Over last few months, on and off been riding the bike and highest that I rode was 6.5 miles in one single ride. Even this distance was a massive effort as the last 1-2 miles would be a painstaking since my stamina and weight is shot to hell.

But, overall biking as an exercise routine was phenomenal and best way to enjoy the outdoors here while contributing to achieving a better health.

If I have to enjoy biking, I knew have to settle for an e-bike as it would help me cycle like a normal bike and when I am tired, use the power assist to get back home- Kill two birds with one stone, so as to speak.!

After 3-odd months of practicing on this bike, I decided to get an e-bike with help and guidance of some knowledgeable folks.

Some pics of my regular bike that I enjoyed riding over the last few months

All these pictures are from rides on trail behind home.

Helmeted and good to go.

Parked @home

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