Long drive in my Tata Harrier AT: 1-week road trip

The automatic is a pure joy to drive, it just cruises along. In terms of fuel efficiency, the SUV did an average of 13.5 km to a litre on this road trip.

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Hi everybody,

I wanted to share my experience of my drive to Trivandrum - Bangalore 2 weeks back on my Harrier XZA+.

We had to go to Bangalore for my daughter's college admission and to settle her down at the hostel etc. and this was a 1-week trip. We started on a Friday morning at 11:30 from Trivandrum and it took 3 hrs to cross Nagercoil and it was horrible to say. After that, it was all smooth drive and we just loved the drive. We took a break at Karur and checked into a hotel by 7 PM.

The drive during this stretch was mostly around 100 to 110 and when my wife was driving she was doing 120 to 130 mostly. The road was really good and so was the drive. Never felt any stress at all.

We started from Karur the next day at 8 am and reached inside Bangalore city by 12. The total drive time was showing as 11:20 hrs.

We spent 3 days in Bangalore city and the drive around was hell with the crazy traffic but the automatic helped us without much stress.

On the return, we took the Ekm route and started at 9:30 from Bangalore/Whitefield and reached Ekm/Kakkanad by 6:15 with 2 breaks in between. Till Coimbatore, the ride was smooth and fast but once we entered Kerala it was mostly 80.

All in all a great drive and due to the Harrier we enjoyed it a lot.

Some points I wanted to stress.

  • We had heavy luggage to take, with my daughter's 2 big suitcases, and then 3 of our luggage for 5 days etc. but it all went into the boot without any trouble. The cubby space below the boot lid was also helpful in storing shoes and slippers and small packages.
  • The auto is a pure joy to drive. It just cruises along and even when you want to overtake etc. just a slight push to the pedal makes it done smoothly. It is as if it reads our mind and does it without hassles. I did not need to use the sports mode at all.
  • The car gives you a feeling of total confidence. Never when we touched 130-140 or 2 times 150, there was no feeling to slow down etc. During our Madurai stretch after 6:00 pm, it was raining heavily for 30 to 40 minutes but even then we could drive at 100 plus without any worries. I used wet mode then.
  • I got an overall mileage of 13.5 which included the long drive, the Bangalore city drive, etc. I guess the speed of 100 -120 may not be an economical one for sure.

All in all a happy and convinced owner of Harrier auto for sure.

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